Just HAD to show this off!

Just HAD to show this off!

First of all, I’m way behind as usual. Still trying to write something every day but a couple of days have been just a few hundred words. Still going to keep at it! I think I do need to get out of the house for a bit to get away from distractions–like the cats, who want to cuddle at the most inopportune times!

However! I’ve been poking around the Artisans forum on NaNoWriMo and, oh my! Two artisans, MartenTheWarrior and WritingKing9982, made covers for the books! Marten’s is on the home page and I have WritingKing’s as my cover on my NaNoWriMo page. I’m pleased with both of them!

I also asked for a character sketch of the Moon Djinn himself! Eugene is the name given to him by his new mistress as telling her any of his previous names would make him cease to exist! The art is by Caracal.

Here’s my description of him:

It was Ellie’s turn to examine the creature. It seemed tall, even without the top hat, and was dressed in a dark suit that accented its slender form. A dazzling white cravat was pierced by a ruby tie pin. A fine gold chain crossed its waistcoat. The misty feet seemed to be wearing black brogues and spats of all things. The slender hands wore a half dozen gold rings, both jeweled and intricately carved bands. It sported a ruby earring in one ear and a gold hoop in the other. Hair, if it was hair, was slicked back frrom a sharp widow’s peak, and its skin was a shade lighter than olive. If it had a gender, it presented itself as male.

And here’s his picture! I ask this not be posted anywhere else, please.

Eeee! I love it! She got him down so well! Even the Girl was impressed!

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