I’m about a day behind, I think.

I’m about a day behind, I think.

Actually, I know I’m a day or more behind on NaNoWriMo, but I am writing every day, which is a good thing. I’m also working on a major craft project: a hand latch hooked rug for a family member. The pattern is derived from a rug I saw online, with changed-up colors. The Girl helped me create a grid for it, one with properly-sized openings and I added to the grid by counting off by tens and marking those on the computer. So far, I’ve finished 17 rows from the bottom and I’m beginning to progress beyond two colors. (Four shades of purple with white and black.) I had to buy a doohickey to make my own latch hook yarn; it’s difficult to find it pre-cut here in the States, and I could only find three shades of purple, anyway.

On the medical front, there’s good news and bad news. Bad news: my neuropathy is progressing with some of the nerves in my legs not returning electrical pulses. My neurologist has decreed I use either a four-pronged cane or a walker. Guess which one I chose! She wants me to have an MRI of my neck and spine; hello, claustrophobia! And she has ordered a B12 test because my reflexes are good, better than the nerves indicate they should be.

On the flip side, I see my primary care PA this week and the pre-visit labs came back good, especially the A1C, which I worried about. I guess the new diabetes med is working really well!

The story is coming along pretty well; I’m trying to put some more nuance into the djinn and my MC really needs some beefing up. This is really self-insert if there ever was one. I mean, what would you do if you had a djinn for basically four weeks? I know what I would do, even if it meant confessing some not-so-nice things about myself! I also have a new conflict to write about, too. Pantsing along as usual!

Well, the digital clocks have all fallen back an hour and I should start thinking about bed. Catch y’all later!


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