Disclaimer: I do not in any way own or profit from the characters or settings of Thunderbirds. They are owned by Carlton. This story is for my own entertainment and that of others.

Many thanks to Rochon Perry for her betareading and encouragement.

Author's Notes: My name for Kyrano's wife, and any details of her background, are my own invention. The characters of Dr. Rebekkah T. Barnes, Dr. Evan Longfeld, M.D. and Heimana are my own creations and I lay claim to them. My descriptions of the Hood's temple, both inside and out, come from my own imagination. The weapons attributed to Dr. Barnes are also my ideas, and should not be used without permission.

This story was first published at on May 24, 2003. Looking back, it doesn't seem as if Kyrano was young or strong to do everything he does in the story, but I did try to think of the problems an older man would have in mounting such a desperate action. This was also an attempt to write a story where Bekkah Barnes played a minimal role, a step toward writing something where the canon characters alone were the stars. At the time, I think the only ancillary materials I had were the trading card set; it would be quite some time before I purchased the cross-section books, and the DVDs of the series. So the only things I had to go on for my description of the Hood's lair were a picture or two and my own inventiveness.

As the story has but nine chapters, I have dispensed with a separate Table of Contents Page and instead have listed that information here.

Despite its many flaws, I hope you will enjoy it.


Glossary of Terms:

kris: a dragon or snake-shaped knife purported to give the owner magical power

bo: a defensive staff used in certain forms of martial arts

Narakasura: a demonic tyrant-king found in Polynesian and Hindu legends

Chapter Titles:

Chapter 1: The Past

Chapter 2: An Uneasy Feeling

Chapter 3: Allies and Weapons

Chapter 4: A Time for Action

Chapter 5: First Rescue

Chapter 6: The Tiger's Jaws

Chapter 7: The Four

Chapter 8: Demon's Hall

Chapter 9: White and Blue