Disclaimer: I do not in any way own or profit from the characters or settings of Thunderbirds. They were created by Gerry Anderson, and the copyright is held by Granada. This story is for my own entertainment and that of others.

My thanks to Lisa Bauer, Dena Lawless, and Christine Shults for their sage advice.

Author's note: This story was first posted at on December 27, 2004 and completed on January 1, 2005. The occasion of its writing was a fan fiction challenge I had posted at the old, one dealing with the New Year's resolutions that the Thunderbirds characters might possibly make. I felt that the most obvious one was Gordon giving up pranking his family, and chose this as my challenge prompt. His penchant for pulling pranks is something found in both John Marriott's and Chris Bentley's background books, though it is never shown in canon. A penchant for teasing, however, is.

My goal was to post one chapter per day up to, and including, New Year's Day, a goal which I managed to accomplish. At one point, I felt the characters took the story out of my hands, pointing it in a different direction than I had originally intended, and the narrative was better for it. One small detail was carried over from Father's Day and revealed here, namely the unnamed prank gift that Gordon gave to Scott. The ending, which foreshadowed a friendship between Tin-Tin and Gordon growing deeper, was the impetus for the sequel, Resolutions Redux.

Jeff's early adventures on Tracy Island are taken from "The Complete Thunderbirds Story," in Thunderbirds the Comic, Issue No. 45, June 26-July 9, 1993, pp. 11-14.

I hope you will enjoy the story.