Not All Dead

Summary: His name was on Harrison Wells’s list of the dead. Now strange things are happening in Opal City and a particular dead man’s wife wants answers.
Fandom: The Flash (TV, 2014)
Characters: Barry Allen/Flash, Caitlin Snow, Cisco Ramon/Vibe, Jay Garrick/Zoom, Henry Allen, Sue Dibny
Rating: K+
Original publication date: March 22, 2017
Chapters: 4
Status: work-in-progress

Notes and disclaimer: This is a fix-it fic for season 2×22, and takes place between January-May, 2016. I’ve taken a cue from relatively recent DC continuity when planning this out. Anything else would be spoilers. As of this posting, it has not been betaread.

I don’t own The Flash or any of its characters; DC Comics and the CW, do. Enjoy.

The appointment
Coffee Break
A close encounter