The White Winds

Summary: Another boring year at Wharton for Alan and Fermat … or is it?
Fandom: Thunderbirds 2004 movie-verse.
Characters: Alan Tracy, Fermat Hackenbacker, Jeff Tracy, Scott Tracy, John Tracy, Virgil Tracy, Gordon Tracy, Tin-Tin Beleghant, Hiram “Brains” Hackenbacker, Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward, Aloysius Parker, Kyrano Beleghant, Onaha Beleghant, multiple original characters.
Rating: K+
Original publication date: May 20, 2005.
Chapters: 80
Status: complete as of December 31, 2010.

Notes: The story was one I never thought I’d write. The 2004 live-action Thunderbirds movie was thoroughly panned by the longtime fans of the show, referred to at times as “Spy Kids with Thunderbirds“. I agreed that the movie was flawed, yes, but it had several good points. However, it spawned a huge outpouring of stories which continues to this day, most of them badly written and barely thought-through. One in particular bothered me so much I felt compelled to show the movie-verse writers just How It Should Be Done. Hence was born The White Winds. It took five years to complete with long stretches of inactivity during the later chapters. Finally I decided I’d reached the point where my original, plausible, final rescue should occur and finished it. It’s my longest story with the most reviews. I am editing it for display here and posting it chapter by chapter. It may take a while.

Disclaimer: The characters of the Tracy family, Brains, Kyrano, Tin-Tin, Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward, and Aloysius Parker, were created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson and are owned by ITV/Granada. The characters of Onaha Beleghant, Fermat Hackenbacker, Miss Gerrick, and Lisa Lowe were created by Working Title Films. The myriad other original characters sprinkled liberally through the story are mine. Please ask permission if you want to use any of them.

  1. Unpleasant Surprise
  2. Unpacking
  3. Unexpected Situations
  4. Unselfishness
  5. Undaunted
  6. Unaccountable Thaw
  7. Undergoing Evaluation
  8. Understandings
  9. Undercurrents
  10. Undulations
  11. Uncomfortable Positions
  12. Unbearable Heat
  13. Unavoidable Deception
  14. Unknown Quantities
  15. Unanticipated Dilemma
  16. Unburdening
  17. Unanimous Decision
  18. Unlikely Allies
  19. Underclassmen vs Upperclassmen
  20. Unrequited
  21. Uneasy Day
  22. Unprovoked
  23. Unpredictable
  24. Uncooperative Conditions
  25. Under The Weather
  26. Undismayed
  27. Unmistakably Brothers
  28. Uneventful Day
  29. Unprecedented Meeting
  30. Unlooked For
  31. Unsurprising Results
  32. Uncertainties
  33. Unsettling Information
  34. Unencouraging News
  35. Unusual Heroes
  36. Undeniable Shocks
  37. Unforeseen Opportunity
  38. Understated Emotions
  39. Unable To Resist
  40. Unsociableness
  1. Unraveling
  2. Unsavory Business
  3. Uncivil Behavior
  4. Underestimated
  5. Unhappy Campers
  6. Unaligned Opinions
  7. Unrehearsed Plea
  8. Undecided
  9. Uncharacteristic Actions
  10. Uniforms
  11. Unveilings
  12. Unamused
  13. Unvanquished So Far
  14. Undertones
  15. Unwinding
  16. Unassailable Logic
  17. Undreamed Of Question
  18. Undigestible Agreement
  19. Uncensored Comments
  20. Unfair Advantage
  21. Uncalculated Response
  22. Unmentionable Person
  23. Unsatisfactory Answers
  24. Unnatural Destruction
  25. Underlying Issues, Underlying Support
  26. Unfailing Encouragement
  27. Undefeated
  28. Undeterred
  29. Unpromising News
  30. Unfeigned Reactions
  31. Unfamiliar Territory
  32. Unreliable Schedule
  33. Untimely Travel
  34. Unfortunate Forecast
  35. Unreachable
  36. Unfolding Emergency
  37. Unfavorable Odds
  38. Unpopular Choice
  39. Unrelenting Elements
  40. Epilogue: Unfinished Business