Drabbles 41-45

Lost Stare

Author’s notes: Prompt from the tumblr blog, writeworld. The second line is the prompt. Published August 9, 2015.

Unsteady, he stood swaying, bleary eyes fixed on the marble slab where her life lay parsed out in a few graven lines.

“You’re not going to get anywhere staring at my grave, you know.”

Jeff whirled and stumbled, eyes wide, heart pounding. He thought he’d heard her voice, amused, gently chiding and felt her warm chuckle tickle his ear.

“Our boys need you. The world needs you.”

Again, her voice susurrated on the Indian summer breeze. He glanced at the half-finished bottle he held. With an effort, he stoppered it.

Breathing a deep sigh, he nodded, straightening.

“Okay, Lucy. Okay.”


Author’s notes: Prompt from the tumblr blog, writeworld. The first line is the prompt. Published January 10, 2016.

“Whatever they’re paying you, I’ll double it!”

Unmasked, cornered, his powers proved ineffective. Gaat offered the only thing he had left. He didn’t realize the intangible currency passing between Tracy and Tuttle had no price.

“I reckon,” said Tuttle, “the po-leece has a reward out for your mangy hide. But in the meanwhile–” He held out a hand, the one empty of shotgun. “How ’bout you hand over them plans.”

Gaat’s eyes glowed a sickly yellow, but Tuttle just laughed. “Ol’ son, you know that don’t work on me.” He raised his gun, his voice turned hard. “The plans. Now.”

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