Drabbles 36-40

Last Rites

Author’s notes: Prompt #720, a photo of a church door opening as seen from the inside, from the lj community, all_unwritten. Thanks to Tea-Cub for a Brit-pick beta.

The church door creaked as Parker opened it. Penelope stepped inside cautiously. She had not been in church for years, but today she had a solemn errand.

The black-garbed priest met her, smiling kindly, hand outstretched. “Lady Penelope?” Penny nodded. “I’m pleased to meet you. I wish these were happier circumstances.”

Penny shook the proffered hand.”Thank you, Reverend.” She gazed slowly around the nave. “Her Grace, the Duchess of Royston, left strict instructions for her funeral. Where may we discuss the matter?”

The priest gestured into the sanctuary. “My office. Please follow me.”

Penny turned. “Come along, Parker.”

Close Encounter

Author’s notes: Prompt #784, the look on his face, from the lj community, all_unwritten. Based on a scene from “The Perils of Penelope” which is partly the reason why I ship these two. Thanks to Lillehafrue for feedback.

The monorail thunders overhead. Lights reflecting off the tunnel walls enable tantalizing glimpses of my rescuer. His hand is warm on my cheek. The look on his face is serious yet something smoulders in his gaze. I stare, unable to turn away.

It’s impossible to hear above the monorail’s rumble. My hand cups her smooth cheek; I’m tempted to stroke it. Blue eyes bore into mine, pink lips part to speak. Her beauty takes my breath away. I want her, but could she ever possibly want me?

The train passes. Neither speak. Virgil withdraws his hand, and cuts Penelope loose.


Author’s notes: Prompt #1486, from the lj community, all_unwritten: “Coffee and smoking are the last great addictions.” attributed to Lara Flynn Boyle.

Coffee. Smoking. Yeah, I’m addicted.

Coffee keeps me going. When the rescue gets long and I need to stay awake, I drink it. When it’s cold, I drink it hot. When it’s hot, I drink it iced. It fuels my brain as much as it does my body.

Cigars, cigarettes … those are for the times when I can relax and savor them. They cost like hell, are hard to find as hen’s teeth, but hey, what use are billions if you can’t get the little luxuries in life.

Sweet, sweet addictions. What would life in International Rescue be without them?

Voice On The Radio

Author’s notes: Prompt #985, touchable voice, from the lj community, all_unwritten.

“You have such a touchable voice. Like a velvety caress.”

She coughs, hacking. I’ve listened to far too many like her. I can tell when the end is near.

“Breathe easy, Janae. They’re almost there. Just a few more minutes.”

I don’t want her to lose hope. The boys are close; they could reach her any second.

“I hear them.”

Janae told me about herself, her dreams. I feel I know her.

“Just hang on. Please.”

Something scrapes in the transmission. I hear Gordon’s voice.

“Hey there, beautiful. Somebody call a cab?”

There’s a low chuckle and I sigh, relieved.

Where my riches lie

Author’s notes: Prompt #14, Riches, from the lj community, all_unwritten.

People think I’m one of the richest men on the planet. A hero. An icon. A entrepreneurial genius. I can buy small countries. I own a private island. I bankroll the world’s premiere elite rescue team. By all accounts, I’m spectacularly successful.

But that’s all on the surface.

My true riches lie elsewhere. Close to my heart, they share my blood, my vision, my joys and sorrows. I’ve watched them grow, become men, make me proud. They are my strength and my reason for living.

Money is nothing. My sons are my everything. Through them, I’m truly a rich man.

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