Drabbles 31-35


Author’s notes: Prompt #374, “It only took a second to change everything”, from the lj community, all_unwritten. Thanks to Lillehafrue for feedback. First published September 22, 2012.

It only took a second to change everything. One heartbeat, one tick of the clock and my dreams lay in ashes, my future uncertain, everything I wanted in life just … gone.

Oh, new dreams arose, perhaps better than before. I built my own future. People say I’m the man who has it all.

It’s a lie.

Nothing I’ve done can substitute for what I lost. I’d trade everything I have, I am, and will become for just one more second with her. Just one more heartbeat. One more tick of the clock.

Everything I ever wanted in life was Lucille.

A Perilous Wait

Author’s notes: Prompt #336, waiting for him, from the lj community, all_unwritten. A scene from “The Man from MI.5”. First published on September 23, 2012.

The floor beneath my cheek is cold and gritty. My shoulder aches from my fall. The rope chafes my wrists, and my disarranged hair tickles my nose. Behind me, the bomb’s radio control blinks steadily, reflected in my compact.

I am waiting for him, for Scott, for rescue. Duty demands he find my captors before he can free me from my peril. Nevertheless, I listen hard, anxious for the sound of Thunderbird One’s jets.

Jeff waits with me in voice and spirit, comforting me. He knows as I do that – for good or ill – my waiting will soon be over.

Unexpected Proposal

Author’s notes: Prompt #1408, “Will you marry me?”, from the lj community, all_unwritten.

“Will you marry me?”

I gasp. The unexpected question has taken me by surprise.

I’ve never heard him use such a tender tone before. His smile is shy, hesitant. It fades a little when I don’t blurt out an instant, enthusiastic, “Yes!” Suddenly, I see him in a new light that shakes everything I know about him to the core.

I ask myself, Do I love him? My heart replies, Of course you do! You have been through so much together.

My decision made, I throw my arms around him and kiss him soundly.

“Yes, of course I’ll marry you … Brains!”

Before The Fall

Author’s notes: A scene from “Terror in New York City”. Prompt #44, a moment of silence, from the lj community, all_unwritten.

There was a moment of silence, heavy and expectant. The engines cut off; the subsidence ceased. On its now unstable track, the building paused as if deciding what to do. We held our breath, hoping we’d be spared.

It fell in seeming slow motion, coming ever closer, obscuring the light. Windows glinted above us seconds before that majestic landmark became a pile of concrete and twisted metal. We were deafened by the boom. The shockwave drove us down, senseless, into a cold and watery hell.

The Empire State Building was no more. Without help from someone, somewhere, so were we.


Author’s notes: Prompt #37, critical malfunction, from live_journal’s fic_simplicity community.

Critical malfunction.

The words run through my head as I don my space suit. I’ve no idea what system failed, but it pays to be prepared. Diagnostic telemetry streams down to Brains, hoping to find a solution.

Father returns to the commlink. “Son, we’re preparing Three right now. A few minutes more to find the problem, then they’re on their way.”

I slide my helmet on, locking it into place. “Can you hear me, Dad?”

“Strength five, son.”

“Dad, if I don’t get out of this– ”

“Don’t think that way. Don’t ever give up.”

I smile before everything goes dark.

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