Coffee, Tea, and More

Summary: A series of drabbles covering a list of prompts from the livejournal community, 30_beverages.
Fandom: Thunderbirds TV-verse
Characters: All
Rating: K+
Original publication date: July 18, 2006 (on livejournal)
Chapters: 6 (5 drabbles per “chapter”)
Status: complete


I didn’t create them; Gerry and Sylvia Anderson did. I don’t own them, ITV/Granada does. I’m just writing about them.

Author’s note: This is a series of drabbles written for the livejournal community 30_beverages. By definition, a drabble is a story of exactly 100 words—not an easy task as each word needs to be carefully selected. Some in this series are also cross-prompted (a term I invented) with the livejournal communities all_unwritten or fic_simplicity. I hope you enjoy them.

Drabbles 1-5: Water, Milk, Ale, Egg Nog, Vegetable juice
Drabbles 6-10: Power shakes, Milkshakes, Buttermilk, Powdered drinks, Herbal Tea
Drabbles 11-15: Chocolate Milk, Coffee, Whiskey, Rum, Beer
Drabbles 16-20: Cognac, Strawberry Wine, Power drinks, Fruit Juice, Brandy
Drabbles 21-25: Colas, Slushes, Mixed Drinks, Root Beer, Tea
Drabbles 26-30: Caffeinated drinks, Kool-Aid, Champagne, Diet drinks, Open up a… (Author’s choice)