Missing Scenes Anthology

Missing Scenes Anthology

Summary: A number of scenes “missing” from various Thunderbirds episodes, including the winner of a Missing Scenes contest.
Fandom: Thunderbirds TV-verse
Characters: Scott Tracy, Virgil Tracy, Gordon Tracy, Alan Tracy, Brains/Hiram Hackenbacker
Rating: K+
Warnings: mild language
Original publication date: April 20, 2004
Last update: January 9, 2013
Chapters: 6/?
Status: open

Notes and disclaimer: This series of “missing” scenes started with a contest on Tracy Island Writer’s Forum. I wrote five of them at the time and the first, Fixing the Fuse, won the contest. More may be added later as my muse moves.

Chapter one: Missing scene from Operation Crash Dive. Set between Fireflash leveling out and Gordon’s run-in with the fuse box. I have always wondered how Gordon got away unscathed from the burning wires and the electrical charge. My take on it is: he didn’t.

Chapter two: Missing Scene from “Terror In New York City”. Set between Jeff going down to Fire/Landing Control and Virgil waking up in the sickroom. Ever wonder how did they got Virgil out of the burning Thunderbird Two? Here’s Gordon’s perspective on it.

Chapter three: Missing Scene from “Terror In New York City”. Set between Ned and Joe entering Thunderbird Four and the Ned Cook show. We see Thunderbird Four battered around from the outside. What happened inside? Ned Cook’s POV.

Chapter four: Missing Scene from: “Move, And You’re Dead”. Set between Virgil getting off the bridge and radioing back to base. Alan had passed out from the heat and he and Grandma really needed some time to cool off in order to look so fresh when Virgil reported in.

Chapter five: Missing Scene from “Ricochet”. Set between Alan cutting down the airlock door and Virgil’s reappearance. What really happened between Alan and Rick O’Shea? And how did they ever get their rescuees to Earth? Alan tells the story.

Chapter six: Not exactly a “missing scene” per se, but something I was inspired to write after re-watching “Operation: Crash Dive” and thinking about “The Impostors”. The whole “giving out proper names” has always irked me, especially in this situation where both Scott’s first and last name were made perfectly clear to Captain Hansen. My thanks to Lillehafrue for beta on this last one.

I didn’t create them; Gerry and Sylvia Anderson did. I don’t own them, ITV/Granada does. I’m just writing about them.

Ch. 1: Operation Crash Dive: Fixing the Fuse
Ch. 2: Terror in New York City: Rescue of a Brother
Ch. 3: Terror in New York City: Compression Surge
Ch. 4: Move and You’re Dead: Cooling Off
Ch. 5: Ricochet: In the Line of Duty
Ch. 6: Butterfly Effect

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