Grandpa’s Hat

Grandpa’s Hat

Summary: Jeff finds his father’s old hat and reminisces.
Fandom: Thunderbirds TV-verse
Characters: Jeff Tracy, Grant Tracy, Lucille Tracy, ensemble
Rating: K
Original publication date: December 30, 2005
Chapters: 2
Status: complete

Notes and disclaimer: I seem to get inspiration in the strangest places. This one came about from a thread found on livejournal’s fanficrants community, believe it or not. I wrote it in an attempt to break my writer’s block on Overtures and The White Winds. Special thanks to Amanda Tracy and MagicMaster8 for being sounding boards.

I used the 2065 timeline, and the ages and birth order found in Thunderbirds Are Go! by John Marriott (Boxtree, Ltd. London, 1992). The year that Jeff goes to the moon corresponds with The Complete Thunderbirds Story as found in the 1990s comic books, where Virgil was born not long before Jeff’s lunar expedition. Little Samani is my own creation. Eleanor is the name I’ve used for Grandma Tracy as she has none in canon.

I didn’t create them; Gerry and Sylvia Anderson did. I don’t own them, ITV/Granada does. I’m just writing about them.

Ch. 1: Grant and Jeff
Ch. 2: Jeff and his sons

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