Here are the fan fiction novels I’ve written for Thunderbirds. Serendipity and Masquerade are part of the “Friends of the Family” story arc that concludes with the as-yet-unfinished Overtures. They are all written in the 1960s television show universe.

The White Winds is my longest novel. It takes place in the 2004 Thunderbirds movie universe.

Turnabout is … well, very alternate universe. I’ll say no more than that.

Resolutions Redux is a sequel to the short story, Resolutions. Moonstrike! is a stand-alone “Tracy Sister” novel. Neither of them are finished as of yet.

My policy is to publish each chapter as I finish edits. So far, all previously written chapters are uploaded in draft form. Some of these will need more editing than others. Newly published chapters will be listed in the Updates.

Be prepared to spend some serious time reading these! I hope you enjoy them!

Father’s Day (uploaded but unedited)
Resolutions Redux (uploaded to current chapter)
The White Winds (edits are complete through chapter 49)
Serendipity (uploaded but unedited)
Masquerade (uploaded but unedited)
Overtures (uploaded but unedited)
Turnabout (uploaded but unedited)
Moonstrike! (uploaded but unedited)

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