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Welcome to As My Muse Moves, archive and blog of L.D. Bennett. In fandom, I’m known as Tikatu. I’ve been online since roughly 1998, writing and publishing fanfic since 2003. My most persistent fandom is Thunderbirds, the 1960s children’s television show created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson. Yeah, the one with the marionettes.

I came into the fandom after discovering the Thunderbirds DVDs at my county library. Picking them up, I thought they looked familiar … which they were. Over a number of weeks, I watched all the DVDs and fell in love with the show. The characters, though marionettes, came to life via their voice actors; after a while, it was nigh on impossible to see the wires. I found myself wanting to see more of their adventures. I hadn’t had this kind of fervor for a TV show since the days of the Batman live action series. So, just as I had when my vocabulary was much smaller, I began to write. The first of my stories was written in late 2002. I had no idea what to do with it until I found Fanfiction.net. Over two dozen stories and eight years later, I created my own place to share my work.

Unfortunately, though I’m well-versed in the art of writing fiction, I’m not so great at coding websites. My personal fanfic archive began to deteriorate; not surprising seeing most pages were tables within tables within tables. So I’ve merged my WordPress.com blog with my archive to create this WordPress.org website. The blog portion was originally hosted at MSN. It transformed into a WindowsLive Space before migrating to WordPress.com on the dissolution of Live Spaces. That’s why many of the earliest blog entries have to do with family and not necessarily writing. If you see anything that needs to be fixed—especially typos—please email me and let me know. I’ll do my best to repair it.

Personally, I’m over 60, and I’ve been married—very happily, thank you very much—for over 30 years to a man who patiently puts up with my fancies, just as I put up with his. I have three adult children–a daughter and two sons. Our household is completed by a fluctuating number of cats (currently three).

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Communications/Media from a Massachusetts state university. I’ve been involved with National Novel Writing Month since 2005 and have served as a regional Municipal Liaison for 11 years. Still haven’t finished an original novel, but I’m getting close!

I plan on posting all of my fan work here as well as original stories that I’ve posted elsewhere. I’m reserving most of my original work with an eye to publishing them for profit, but I’ll post excerpts here as a way to whet your reading appetite. I do have “nocopy” enabled as a way to protect my writing. Please do not copy, reprint, repost, or translate my stories without my express written permission. 


I want to thank my betareaders, Rosemary Alcott, Jolyn Anderson, Elizabeth Beers, Lorraine Clarke, Chris Davis, Fran Lavery, Lauren Letourneau, Rochon Perry, Suzan Truett, and Penelope Turner for their help over the years as I wrote my fan fiction. Thank you, too, to Lisa Bauer, Shirley Burton, Susan Dahlin, Eugene Koberle, Dena Lawless, and Janet Simmons for acting as sounding boards. Thanks also to Christine Shultz, who has acted as a sounding board and who drew such wonderful pictures of my stories.


Because I want to protect the original photos, designs, artwork, and eventually the original stories I have posted here, my full name is included in copyright notices throughout the site.

Most of the fan fiction published here is based on characters and scenes originally created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, and some created by WorkingTitle Studios and Universal Studios. ITV is the current copyright holder for the Thunderbirds television show and the first two Supermarionation movies. Currently, two of the short stories are copyright to Disney. while another uses characters owned by DC Comics and the CW network. The fan fiction, as far as the words and original situations are concerned, is transformative and, as such, is copyright to me.

Any still photos from shows and/or movies have been cropped and/or altered for use under the Fair Use doctrine. All original art is copyright to the artist, used with permission, and proper credit is given.

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