See this dude here?

See this dude here?

I have no idea who he is or what year this was taken. His picture showed up on my Twitter feed today as a writing prompt. The little bit I wrote sort of blew up into a bigger idea and I now have my NaNoWriMo novel for 2019. It’s–get this–a Western romance! Never wrote one before and I’m sure I’ll use trope after trope as I go. It’s a big change from my normal superhero/fantasy/fanfic, that’s for sure!

The dude himself plays a very small role but he’ll kick off the plot in fine fashion! Here’s the little bit I wrote on Twitter today:

The Justice of the Peace lumbered in, dropping into his chair, which protested with a tortured creak. Abby gawked; she had never seen a man so large. Ben’s brows raised skyward.

He leaned forward, considering each of them with a long gaze. “You sure you want to get hitched?”

Here’s hoping this goes well!

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