Tough week!

Tough week!

This has been one tough week! We had three write-ins in a row, each at a different library branch. (I have one more tomorrow morning at the local independent bookseller.) I’ve had physical therapy on two of those days and a doctor’s appointment on Thursday (before the PT and the write-in). I’m still getting used to a new medication and totally forgot to take my bedtime meds on Wednesday night, which meant little or no sleep for Thursday. Still catching up on sleep even now!

Despite all that, my word count is right on target at 30,275. And I got several lovely messages and posts at the region’s Facebook group and official NaNoWriMo regional page for ML Appreciation Day on Thursday. Thank you!

I promised in my last post that I would discuss the Hex Majestorum, which is the guild for practicing majes (or majii). Not every majii belongs to the Hex; those who do have a badge they are supposed to wear on their clothing. The Hex provides training to newly blessed majii, lodging for traveling majes, and a safe space in times of trouble. They hear and adjudicate disputes between majes; they are also supposed to police any members (or, in truth, any majii, member or not) who fall into criminal activity. In contrast to the Covenant’s Temple Celestial, they gather in the Tower at Arcantowne, a nearly all majii village to the east of the Temple. With apologies to a certain Time Lord, the Tower is bigger on the inside than the outside and can only be accessed by majii. Its convoluted interior construction never seems to match what the outside of the tower would suggest.

Unlike the Covenant, the Hex is open to all physical races–elves, dwarves, giants, humans, and even the merfolk, should they care to join. What binds them all is the blessing received from the Maj, the spirit of the planet. As this also sets them apart, they consider themselves a race–the race of the Majii.

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