All caught up!

All caught up!

If you look at the word count widget on the right hand sidebar, you’ll see I’m at 10033. Since Day 6 is supposed to be 10K, I’m right on target! Yay!

Okay, I promised a bit about Lucanthea or about the social structures of my world. Since Luca isn’t fleshed out very well yet (other than being an artist, a scientist, and a shape-shifting majii), I think I’ll go with the structures.

First off, there are several races in my world of Majere. The most populous are the humans. They’re broken down into subgroups of Shubharii (normals; the title is subject to change), Rhodajii (the nomads; they travel and trade), the Tzingurii (the outcasts; people who rebel/commit petty crimes), and the Majii (those touched by the Maj, the spirit of the planet). The last three groups often include people from the other races. Mind you, these are the names the humans of the eastern continent use. So far, the only things I know about the western continent are that a desert and mountain ranges divide the two, and the fire drakes attacked there first.

Next would be the elves (aka Kindred). Each tribe lives in a vastly different place and are known for different arts or specialties. They are rumored to be “made of majick” and, as such, their appearance echoes their place of abode. The Edonnan live in a large wooded area and are known as hunters; they are also the lawmakers for the Kindred in general and host the Parlimente du Fae. The Vinalden live in the western mountains, high above the tree-line. They are scientists and astronomers. The Kalannen live on the eastern shores, where there are volcanoes. They are very skilled glassmakers. The Lineldren live on the southern shore–or some ways off it, to be precise. They are the most elusive of the Kindred. The Idralden live in the hot, sandy areas of the southern continent. They are friendly to travelers. (Yeah, this doesn’t sound like a lot but I still have to flesh them out some.) The Kindred also includes the peri (aka fairies) who are usually wild, silly things the elves–particularly the Edonnan–use as watchdogs and sometimes as spies.

I have dwarves (called dwermer) and giants (called Bigguns until I find a better name). So far, I’ve been very stereotypical when it comes to the dwermer–except their culture is matriarchal in nature. The giants are woodworkers; they grow trees that float (yes, I have thought this one through!) and build airships from them. (I really wanted airships in my story.)

As you can see, I still have a lot of things to work out, some of which won’t reach a book–something that happens a lot, really. There are things in any given character’s background which never see print. The same with world-building background and history, too.

On to 11667!

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