Camp NaNoWriMo has begun!

Camp NaNoWriMo has begun!

For me, anyway. I find the July session a lot less stressful than April’s; there’s not as much going on, though my husband works long hours as his co-workers take their vacations.

My word count goal is 30K, which averages out to 968 words a day. Very attainable, I think. My main project is a sequel to The White Winds, one I’ve been chewing on for some time. Sneaking in some editing on completed or in-progress projects and adding to my fantasy novel are also on my plate as time permits.

First, however, thanks to a recent incident, I’ve nearly finished a sequel to this. I’ll post it here when it’s finished and beta’d.

In other news, I met with programming coordinators from three of our county’s branch libraries. They are really excited about including NaNoWriMo in their programs this coming fall. I’m excited about being included! This may be the jump-start our region needs to keep growing.

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