Well, the shortcut still has a few bugs in it…

Well, the shortcut still has a few bugs in it…

At least, I think it might. Someone was trying to access chapter 12 of The White Winds and couldn’t. Kept coming up with “unknown page”. Doing that too many times throttled their IP, too.

Not sure just why, but chapter 11 and 12 had rendered the HTML markup for the <> symbols in the posted page instead of the symbols themselves. I’ve gone in and tweaked those two chapters and tested the links to make sure they’re functioning properly. I’ll take a quick run through the other chapters to see if there’s some kind of error in the WP build itself. Hopefully not!

Sorry about that!

Edited to add: All is well. If you can’t get to a chapter you know should be there by way of the previous/next chapter links, try getting there via the novel’s landing page. There should be a current link to any live chapter.

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