Found a shortcut!

Found a shortcut!

With the HTML function down at, I’ve had to find a different way to upload and edit my chapters. Up until now, I would load my HTML to An Archive of Our Own, edit it there, and then replace the original copy in my .txt file with the edits. This worked fine, until suddenly there was no more shortcut at

So, as a work around, I tried pulling up my .shtml files through my HTML editor. (Plugging’s free HTML editor here!) This worked to an extent; I got the basic formatting without a problem. I was even able to open up multiple files at one time and run a find/replace to change my “xxxx” scene divider to a shortened line. Sweet! The issue I had with this method stemmed from copying it to a .txt file. There is no word-wrap in the HTML editor but the one in Notebook separated the lines in weird places, places I had to correct manually.

On top of this, if I continued to edit at AO3 before transferring it to here, all the formatting commands were stripped out. Not a problem for using the visual editor, but if I wanted to use the text editor, I had to put all the commands back in!

I was frustrated–until I realized all my chapters were uploaded on my website provider! All I had to do was sign in, click on the file names, copy the formatted text, and then create a new page here. Once the text was pasted in, I could save it as a draft for editing later, and if I kept the text tab open, I could later copy the edited text to AO3–and go from there to The new method is far easier, requiring only two tabs on my browser instead of switching between browser and HTML editor or browser and Window Explorer. So far I have up to chapter 20 stored here in draft form.

All this to say I should be posting chapters of The White Winds (and my other stories) with more regularity and it’s why you get two chapters this time instead of just one!

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