Plot bunnies ahoy!

Plot bunnies ahoy!

I usually keep a note book or a pad of paper by my bed, along with a pen or two. As many other authors probably do, I find I get the most interesting ideas just as I’m settling in to bed and the writing materials allow me to jot the ideas down before I lose them. (If I don’t write them down, I most certainly will lose them by the time I get up!)  Of course, whether or not I retain them depends on the quality of my handwriting; sometimes it can be atrocious that close to bedtime!

So, today I went through one of the notebooks and a small note pad, pulling out the plot bunnies for both my original fiction and my fan fiction. I already have a fan bunny hutch; scrolling through that allowed me to mark works I already have in progress as well as corral the new ideas for later use. For original ideas, I created a new hutch and stuck it in my pertinent dropbox folder. It was surprising to read all the fanfic ideas I’ve set aside; there are some good ones in there!

The note book also had ideas for the original fic I’m still hammering into shape. Those ideas will have to be corralled in the appropriate Scrivener projects for easy retrieval. Once I’m done with the notes from my bedside, I’ll go through the many pads and notebooks I have on my desk. It’s easiest when I’m here to just grab whatever’s handy and scribble on it. Unfortunately, that means I have ideas scattered all over the place.

Maybe once that’s done, and I unearth ideas I hadn’t remembered putting down, I can really focus on my story. There’s at least one person who’s eager to read it and right now, I could use the feedback.

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