Resolutions–at last

Resolutions–at last

I’ve taken my own sweet time trying to figure out some New Year’s resolutions for myself this year. I’ve a bad habit, as many people have, of making resolutions and promptly breaking them. But I think I have a couple this year that I can stick with.

One, is to try and get back with FlyLady. When I was working with her system, my house stayed cleaner and my life felt better organized. I’d like that feeling again.

Two, to try and stay on top of the checkbook. I’ve fallen down on that a little so far, but I can catch up fairly easily, I think. I really need to know how much money we have in the bank and where it’s all going.

Three, try and write something every day. This is where using FlyLady can be to my advantage. She advocates doing things in baby steps, using a timer and doing housework 15 minutes at a time. If I can write for 15 minutes a day, using a timer like I often did during NaNo, I might be able to get more done.

Four, respond to reviews. Starting this year, I’m going to respond to every review I get. Like today, I got a review for Serendipity, which I’ve started posting at Lunaescence Archives. Surprised the heck out of me, but I responded as quickly as I could. I’ve responded, too, to a couple of recent reviews for my little Incredibles ficlet. It feels good to respond to those who have taken the time to review, and I think it makes me look less… stuck up. (There, I said it.)

Those are the top four resolutions. I might just open up my little sticky note app on my computer and put those down where I can see them. (Along those lines, does anyone know of a Magic 8-Ball app for XP? I have one for Vista on my laptop and like it a lot.) 

Enough for now, I guess. Better get a move on and maybe get some sleep.

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