Why God created women.

Why God created women.

Woke up this morning to a nice, chilly day, one that actually felt like autumn. I took my time getting showered, dressed, eating breakfast, doing some chores, then finally took the puppy out of her crate for walkies. I had to wear my fleece hoodie as the temperature wasn’t out of the 40s – according to the thermometer at the bac of the house.

The first thing I noticed outside besides the chill was the empty driveway. Hubby had taken the van. It was okay with me; I really didn’t have anywhere urgent or important to go, so I just nodded and made note of the fact.

Fast forward to this afternoon.

The day was getting later, and I was wondering if Hubby would get home in time to put up the storm windows. He’d taken the air conditioners out of their spots yesterday, leaving behind just the interior windows between us and the weather. It was past time for his workday to end; he wasn’t home yet, and for some reason, I felt that the routine he’d established would assert itself. At one point, a car slowed in front of our house, and I said aloud to the kids, "I hope that’s not Daddy, having gotten a ride home. He’s got the car!"

Around six o’clock, I got a phone call while online. The caller ID identified it as from the U.S. Government. It was Hubby.

I took the call, and he told me he was done, and that no one was there to give him a ride home…

I think he must have been pretty surprised when I burst into laughter, and even more shocked when I reminded him that HE HAD THE CAR!

This is why God created woman. Man couldn’t make it on his own.

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