Surprises under the tree.

Surprises under the tree.

Yes, there were a few surprises under the tree for me! First, there were the two metal sign magnets that Hubby gave me. One says, "I like nonsense. It wakes up the brain cells." which is attributed to Dr. Seuss. The other has a 1950s mom on the phone while 2 kids get into the cake batter or icing in the background. She’s saying, "I childproofed my house, but they got in anyway." I put the Dr. Seuss quote on the filing cabinet behind me (with all the TBs magnets) and the other is displayed prominently among the magnets on the fridge.

The two presents I knew my hubby got for me were a NaNoWriMo 2006 t-shirt, and a t-shirt that says, "Watch it or you’ll end up in my novel!". But to that he added a "My life needs an editor" t-shirt, and a sign that says "Goodmousekeeping seal of approval" and "Four paws rating". It’s really quite funny and I have to find someplace to hang it.

He also gave me The Essential Barry Manilow which I’ve already ripped to my WMP for listening later.

The girl gave me a t-shirt that says "5-4-3-2-1, Thunderbirds are go @ IR the next phase" and a black baseball cap with the letters "IR" in red paint on the cap, and the name "Doc" on the brim. She also gave me an IR "badge" made of shape foam. It looks like the logo and has a pin hot-glued to the back. Really cute stuff.

Boy #2 gave me a nicely framed Bible verse, and Boy #1 gave me a lilac scented candle. My SIL made me some thick, crocheted pot holders and a couple of crocheted dish cloths, and she and my Bro gave me a soft throw covered with pictures of kittens.

Hubby was very impressed with his gifts, especially the comic book and the books, and he was really surprised by the book his brother from China sent. He’s wearing the black Capt. Kiddeo and Fred shirt right now, and I’m wearing the IR hat.

As far as the kids were concerned, the biggest gift was the PS 2. They’ve been playing with it most of the morning. Only now have they turned it off. The kids are happy with what they got. Boy #1 was happy we got him the game he wanted; Boy #2 immediately started to put the mechanical T-Rex together (and enlisted Daddy’s help). The Girl was impressed by the sketch book I got her and the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack.

It’s been a good Christmas. We need to call the inlaws and check in with them, and have lunch sometime today. I also have to come up with the time and energy to write; it’s been a couple of days and I feel the pressure from without and within to get some more done.

More blog later if the muse moves.

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