I’ve had my toffee for the day, that’s for sure!

I’ve had my toffee for the day, that’s for sure!

Without even trying this has been a high carb day. Breakfast was fine; I had the usual stuff. But I did have some of that delicious toffee around lunchtime, and had leftover ravioli (high carbs) for lunch itself. Then for supper, six pieces of French toast with sugar-free syrup on it. The FT was made with my low-carb bread, yeah, but add a glass of milk in there and I had some pretty hefty carbohydrates! Shouldn’t have pigged out like that, I know, but it was so good and I was very hungry. Back to the regular diet tomorrow. And nothing but water or diet soda for the rest of the night.

 I’ve added URL links to the stories in my lists and have separated out my works in progress from my completed tales. For some reason I don’t understand, the site has chosen to group them according to the URLs, so the ones from FictionPress are at the top of my completed list, and the ones from fanfics.org are at the bottom.

 If you’re wondering why I have two of my stories referenced to fanfics.org and not Fanfiction.net, it’s because I removed Bedtime Story in accordance with Fanfiction.net’s policy on not printing the lyrics of a song if they don’t belong to you. And, in the case of the Missing Scenes Anthology, I had removed one of the missing scenes from the Fanfiction.net version, but kept it at the fanfics.org posting. I was under the impression that the posting of that particular scene was offensive to someone at Ff.net, and I removed it to try and make amends. Doesn’t seemed to have worked, however. The offended person is still not communicating with me and, indeed, has never indicated to me why she was offended in the first place!

 C’est la vie, I suppose. The Thunderbirds fandom on a whole is as cliquish as any group of high school girls. For the most part, I try to stay out of it, hobnobbing with those whose company I enjoy and eschewing those whose company I find limiting. I’ve never been one to kowtow to the popular crowd. Never.

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