The story is not finished yet, but…

I posted the first chapter!

It’s not betaread yet, so if you see any problems–whether they’re grammar, spelling, or possible canon errors–let me know. I’m really, really excited about it! I’m sure I won’t get any responses at my site, but I might at Tumblr or Facebook. Also, if anyone is interested in betareading (that’s proofreading/editing for those outside the fanfiction community) I’d be incredibly grateful. I haven’t sent this to my usual beta because I’m not sure how well-versed she is in DC Comics or the Arrowverse Flash.

I plan to let this sit here for a few days to see what response I get. Then I’ll post it at and AO3.

With great ado, I now present “The interview”, the first chapter of Not All Dead.

No idea…

That latest Thunderbirds fanfic drabble? No idea where that particular scenario came from. I have a vague notion that the Hood (Gaat) stole some plans and Jeremiah Tuttle (from “The Impostors” episode) is sent to retrieve them. Maybe the Hood crashed in Jeremiah’s territory or something. I know it’s rather farfetched to say the Hood’s mesmeric powers don’t work on Jeremiah but somehow, it makes sense, too. In any case, that improbable scene is what came to mind when I considered the prompt.

I’m past the halfway point

Roughly 600 words to get to 30k, which is right on schedule. I had a bit of an epiphany about the characters in my story: this is not only a fictional world that my main character is visiting, it’s the mirror-verse of that world. So, the person she thinks is on the side of the angels–because that’s the way he’s portrayed in books–really isn’t. I’ve got to figure out why the Door gets stuck in this universe: I guess the overthrow of the bad guy is the reason.

Right now, I’m using a well-known character (Sherlock Holmes, if you want to know) as the locus for this mirror-universe. I just don’t know if I should continue with him or not. I’m kind of uncomfortable making this good guy so bad. Thinking it over makes me wonder if I should make up a character along those lines and leave Holmes in Baker Street. I mean, he is in the public domain, though I’m not sure what the Conan Doyle estate would think of my idea (especially knowing how badly I want to corrupt Watson in this mirror universe!).

If any of my readers have ideas, my comments do take Disqus. Or you could poke me on Tumblr or Facebook, as this will cross-post to both of those social media services. I’d like to know what you think!

In other news, I need to see my doctor about the possible recurrence of my neuropathic arthropathy. If it’s true, I’ll be seeing a lot of orthopedists and will spend some serious time in air casts and braces. It will give me plenty of time to write.

Adding this to my word count!

Putting meat on the bones

Edits and additions from this post.  I put some meat on those bare bones but I still don’t know if Lady Penelope lives or dies! The prompt is again in blue. Feedback is very welcome.

“As one of the hundreds of people who have tried to kill you at one time or another, I can attest to your tenacious refusal to die, milady.” Continue reading “Putting meat on the bones”

Wrote this in response to a prompt on Tumblr’s WriteWorld blog.

The prompt is in blue. I’ve made a few tweaks and come up with an ending since first posting it there. It just seemed to cry out for a Thunderbirds twist. Word count:  650. Any feedback welcome!

“As one of the hundreds of people who have tried to kill you at one time or another, I can attest to your tenacious refusal to die, milady.” Continue reading “Wrote this in response to a prompt on Tumblr’s WriteWorld blog.”

On track

Probably should have posted this yesterday, but … oh well, I’ll edit and put it up today!

First, I’m right on track for word count. Hallelujah! Wednesday, I felt generally run down, ill, and grumpy, to the extent that we ordered comfort food (pizza) instead of what I’d planned for dinner (hot dogs) and I didn’t write a word. I was a full day ahead on word count at that point, so taking the day off didn’t hurt a bit. I’ve been getting out of the house in the afternoon, which helps immensely with my writing productivity. Today, I’m going to haul butt out when the D&D starts later on. I may try to do this every day until the end of Camp. It’s good to not have the chaos of housecleaning, laundry, critters, et al weighing on me.

When this is finished, I want to put it somewhere that my friends can see it and comment as part of the betaing process, but where it would be private and not necessarily considered “first publish”. Fictionpress is absolutely out; I’ve been hanging out at  the fpwatchers group on livejournal and seeing how many stories are plagiarized from there, even published online for cash at Amazon. Besides, that would be considered a first publishing situation. I could put it on my own site and distribute private links to my friends, but how to let them comment? The guestbook I’ve tried to use as a “review board” is FUBAR and no longer supported. I’ve tried Google docs before. Some of my friends had a hard time accessing it. Has anyone done anything with Disqus? How difficult would that be to add to a website and is it flexible enough to use as a review board?

I’m also thinking about consolidating my web presence. Right now I have several blogs; this one, another WordPress blog (for family tidings), my faithful livejournal, a Blogger (for religious issues), a sparkling new tumblr, and of course, Twitter and Facebook. The Facebook is personal, using my real name. The Twitter uses my online handle as does this, the livejournal, and the tumblr. I could easily add a WP blog to my site; that’s one of the apps my web provider offers. I’m trying to decide which way to jump so I can be poised for when I actually need/want to do self-promotion.

So, any ideas? My website needs some serious overhaul in any case!

Oh, and this blog is under an alternate spelling of my online handle, “Tikatu”. Just sayin’.

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