Camp NaNoWriMo Redux

I tried working on my novels and other works-in-progress during April’s Camp session but quickly got behind. So, I gave up. April is just not the best month for me to write. This may change next year with no kids in high school. I guess we’ll see.

However, July is usually a good month for me, so I’m signed up and ready. I plan to work on my fanfiction WIPs, probably starting with the shortest, Resolution Redux. I’ve imported most of Moonstrike! into Scrivener and am debating whether or not to do the same to Overtures and Resolution Redux. I’ve also edited two of my original works, The Dare and A Possum Tale for posting here, updating with clean copies at FictionPress as well. I can see where my writing has improved; I’m a lot less formal these days!

More updates as July starts. Enjoy the new short stories!