Yes, I’ve updated a fic!

Just a quick post to say that I’ve updated Burning Muses with a new chapter. I thought this one was finished long ago, but the idea of Scott describing how he dances brought up the Muse of Dance, Terpsichore. So I finally wrote it up after getting a proper hook from a recent family wedding.

As you can see, the word count meters at NaNoWriMo have reset. Less than two weeks to go before it starts! I think I’m going to work on an intermediate volume to my unfinished fantasy trilogy. We’ll see how that goes.

I really wish I knew CSS!

Or actually thought before I acted.

First, my primary menu disappeared again. I have no idea why; I’m working in a child theme and all but just like the last time, it went poof! I’ve had to rebuild the verdammt thing all over again! Maybe styling it would help? Might have to try that.

Then I stupidly did a bulk action of delete spam to some comments that a non-functioning Askimet dumped in with the real comments. So now I have only two comments which I’d imported over from my site. I’m probably going to nuke those, too. Hopefully I’ll start getting comments here–if I ever get this site fully operational!

Waiting on one more beta for the newest chapter of Burning Muses. I’ve been told to make it more lyric, like a dance, but this is Scott Tracy’s voice and, like his father, he’s not given to flowery sentiment. Still, I’ll think about it. This will be the first place I post it!