I have lots of Kudos!

With the premiere of The Incredibles 2, I’ve noticed a lot of notifications from An Archive of Our Own for my short story, “The Visit”. That particular archive allows guests or signed-in members to leave “kudos” on any story. This is the first time a short story of mine at AO3 has generated such interest and I’m chuffed about it! From the comments, it seems I’ve been able to satisfactorily wrap up a plot thread from the first movie: what happened to Mirage, Syndrome’s helper? If you want to see how you can read it here (the link is in the first sentence), or you can read it at AO3. (It’s also onĀ fanfiction.net.) Have fun!

Back in the saddle, so to speak.

Over the past few weeks, as a gift to my lovely mother-in-law, I’ve been proofreading and gently editing some of her completed short stories. At first, it was supposed to be a surprise for her, but someone in the know inadvertently spilled the beans, so she knows all about it. Last night, I uploaded the seven stories I had to Blurb, where I have a gift certificate for $20. Turns out, I really didn’t need to use it. The softcover trade books came in at $5.01 apiece and Blurb sent me a 40% discount code. I ordered one for her and one for each of her children’s families. However, I don’t intend to set the book up for general sale and distribution. This is for her, and her alone.

This wasn’t something she would have asked for as she’s keenly aware of her own literary shortcomings. She’s dyslexic, which affects her writing in many interesting ways. She also writes the kind of stories she likes to read, mostly Westerns with a goodly dollop of romance added in. Her stories are light on description and heavy on dialog. As a Christian, she adds in elements of faith and prayer–just so the reader knows just why good triumphs over evil, which it does, every time. She writes them for an audience of one: herself. But, having seen how my brother reacted to the printed copies of two novels he completed during NaNoWriMo, I thought she should have that same experience. He was excited to see his work in print. I hope she is, too.

Since I haven’t used my gift certificate yet, my family is pushing me to do the same to one of my own stories. My husband says I should just whack off a part of something unfinished and print it up–after all, that’s what happened to Douglas Adams (who had massive trouble meeting deadlines). I wouldn’t do that, but I do have a story I could finish and edit. The gift certificate has no expiration date (though the 40% sale does). I guess I’ll try for it. I’ll also post some snippets as I go along if only to whet your appetites. More to come, I promise.

Camp NaNoWriMo has begun!

For me, anyway. I find the July session a lot less stressful than April’s; there’s not as much going on, though my husband works long hours as his co-workers take their vacations.

My word count goal is 30K, which averages out to 968 words a day. Very attainable, I think. My main project is a sequel to The White Winds, one I’ve been chewing on for some time. Sneaking in some editing on completed or in-progress projects and adding to my fantasy novel are also on my plate as time permits.

First, however, thanks to a recent incident, I’ve nearly finished a sequel to this. I’ll post it here when it’s finished and beta’d.

In other news, I met with programming coordinators from three of our county’s branch libraries. They are really excited about including NaNoWriMo in their programs this coming fall. I’m excited about being included! This may be the jump-start our region needs to keep growing.

Camp NaNoWriMo Redux

I tried working on my novels and other works-in-progress during April’s Camp session but quickly got behind. So, I gave up. April is just not the best month for me to write. This may change next year with no kids in high school. I guess we’ll see.

However, July is usually a good month for me, so I’m signed up and ready. I plan to work on my fanfiction WIPs, probably starting with the shortest, Resolution Redux. I’ve imported most of Moonstrike! into Scrivener and am debating whether or not to do the same to Overtures and Resolution Redux. I’ve also edited two of my original works, The Dare and A Possum Tale for posting here, updating with clean copies at FictionPress as well. I can see where my writing has improved; I’m a lot less formal these days!

More updates as July starts. Enjoy the new short stories!