Well, it’s 2019

I don’t feel I got a lot done last year writing-wise. Yes, I did NaNoWriMo and finished my 50K. But, as usual, the story isn’t done and I have no idea when it will be. There are so many WIPs waiting in my Dropbox that are whispering for my attention; their combined cries are quite the cacophony.

My beta, ThatGirlSix. has been editing Moonstrike! for me and boy, do I have a lot of flaws! I know I can fight them and bring the story to a new level, but again, it’s not finished, and that’s on me. It’s weighing on me a lot. My desire to write more is diminished and I don’t know what to do about that.

Also, I haven’t been reading beyond fanfic, webcomics, and Twitter or Facebook. So many books out there to choose from and none of them tempt me. The hubby reads constantly, always checking books out of the library. His six weeks of enforced inactivity gave him plenty of time (he broke his foot at work). And yet I can’t make myself leave the house to get something new to read.

This has got to change. Somehow, someway, I have to get my writing mojo back. I have to fall back in love with it. Otherwise, I won’t be able to silence all those whispers clamoring for me to open up a file and finish their stories.

Ugh. Behind, as usual.

Here I am, five days into Camp NaNoWriMo and I’ve written less than 300 words. Yup, that’s right. Less than 300.

I just can’t write at home anymore. There’s too much housework and responsibility swirling around me, pressing down. Cats walking across my desk and making themselves at home on my mouse pad. Dogs whining for no apparent reason and children lying on the sofa with headphones on, ignoring the dogs. Not to mention that my desk chair’s hydraulics are accelerating their downward spiral to non-functional status. My idea to update my WIPs is falling quickly by the wayside; I almost feel I should totally rewrite the stories from scratch! Plus, I checked out Jukepop today and I kinda want to finish off my first Hex Majestorum story to post there. It sounds like an interesting way to possibly monetize my writing.

My goal tonight is to go to bed at a decent hour so I can get up at one as well. I’ve left my husband with a list of stuff I’d like him to do, leaving room for him to play a game or two with the boys before the oldest goes back to his apartment. I also need to sit down with the two remaining kids–I use the term loosely as they’re both adults–about them pulling their weight here at home. Then maybe, just maybe, I’ll feel less pressure from the housework and be able to write. If not, plan B is to take the van every day and go elsewhere: the library, a restaurant with or without wi-fi (I prefer with so I can access Thesaurus.com), the Y, just somewhere I can set up, tune out, and plug into my writing. Even two hours would be helpful!

I get inspiration in the strangest places…

I don’t know why, but it always seems I get inspiration when I’m driving around in the car. I don’t know if it’s the music I listen to, or if my state of mind, or what, but  somehow I see these things clearly then.

Today it was scenes from my latest NaNo Novel, Tales of the Spruce Moose. I saw it so clearly, just as if someone had animated it for me. Oh, did I mention that I see these things in anime? Yeah. Anime. As visual a reference as you can get. It makes me wish to God I could draw like my daughter does, because if I could, you know that I’d be doing graphic novels instead of ones where I use words to paint my pictures.

I’ve written the scenes down in a quick notepad file. Hopefully the vision will return when I need it to because, frankly, I’ve had no Impetus to write.

And there goes another quick scene. Gotta go write it down!

Getting a trickle

And I don’t mean rain from now Tropical Storm Katrina, who is supposed to give us some rain this evening. I mean creative trickle, one that sort of dried up in the middle of the rescue scene I wrote for The White Winds. The chapter ended up being very, very short, and I had to rewrite the beginning of it when betareader Liz pointed out what could have been a pretty massive gaffe on my part. Whew! I’m glad she’s my betareader!
Still, I managed to squeeze out enough from my muse to write one or two posts for CIR, at least one for Thunderfan, one for IR:TNP and the chapter from The White Winds and one from Overtures. I promised to do one for our Magician RP, which I haven’t touched in months, so I’d better get going on it. Maybe it will distract me from my feet, which have been predicting Katrina’s arrival since the wee hours of this morning.
More as my muse moves (and as the site allows).
Update: Did the Magician post, and also put up a layout of Wharton as I envision it. It’s at my photobucket account.

Waiting for the dam to break…

I am of the decided opinion that my muse is on vacation. It’s been hard, really hard, to write much of anything over the past few days. A paragraph or two on The White Winds, and more on Overtures, but I had a deuce of a time trying to figure out what was wrong with the rescue venue in the first place! Now I’ve got it, and it’s unique, and I think, will be funny (maybe).  We’ll see. But even writing RP has been a pain, and that’s not normal for me.
Well, tomorrow is Saturday and maybe I can get something done. I have to admit that I’ve felt rather blah all week and had a nasty headache yesterday afternoon. But I’ve been better today physically, just kind of jittery, which tells me that perhaps my hormones are coming into play again. I couldn’t even stand to stay online, which is very much not like me!
The Girl is making friends at school and today was smiling when she got into the van. My good friend, Dragonlady’s daughter is a junior there and is introducing her to some of her anime crazy crowd. Both boys have been very happy with school so far and Boy #1 has made a friend named Travis. Actually saw the boy today; looks like a nice kid.  I’m glad that things are starting off so well.
More as my muse moves… if she’s back from vacation, that is.

I hope I can recover my brain here.

Had my brainstorming session with the gals; it was okay. Created a new timeline for IR:TNP. Posted chapter 35 because C reviewed, then Frankie did. Amanda did, too, but it was a bit of siliness… Don’t know what I’m gonna do with that girl!
The Girl’s gallery has been updated at last. Hubby is sleeping; gotta make dinner for the crew tonight so he doesn’t have to.
The transcript will wait until tomorrow and so will the birthday post. I may be able to eke out more of chapter 36 tonight. We’ll see.
Update: Hubby got up on his own and made eggs and biscuits for us, of which I ate too much. I am feeling rather fried, ekeing is the best word for how things are coming along on chapter 36, though I did manage to edit the transcript, and post on both IR:TNP and CIR. I keep waiting for more reviews… not that any are forthcoming. I have to wonder who is still reading this besides C, Frankie, Becks, Janet, and Amanda… I think I might go to bed at a decent hour tonight, like before midnight.

Finally! The log jam is gone!

I have had a deuce of a time starting Masquerade chapter 19. I started with one bit, then another, but finally changed the setting of the second bit, and that made all the difference. Now things are moving.  I hope I can keep up the momentum.
The White Winds chapter 5 has had a good start, and I’ve got a nice twist planned. I’ve also done several posts for the new Yahoo incarnation of the Thunderbar, and for IR:TNP. I’ve just got to buckle down at Thunderfan.
It’s raining cats and dogs here and my neuropathy is flaring up. My toe isn’t feeling too good either. I’ll see the doctor tomorrow afternoon; I got one of my friends to take me there. Tried to get a nap, but my feet wouldn’t let me.
Nice to see that they’ve upgraded the message box to enable different fonts and sizes. And have made the message box in this particular theme black. It will make seeing my stuff easier to see once I’ve added color.