Seeing the light and it’s not a train!

I’m at 35508, just past the word count for Day 21. At this point, I’m trying to develop origins for things that happen in the third book–things I’ve already written. It has meant weighing each element and seeing where and how and if it actually works.

For example, I have the main villain in the third book vaguely describe just how she came to be where she is. I’ve taken that description and fleshed it out a lot, though as I think of it even now, I don’t know if part of it still works. We’ll see; this is draft zero, after all. I had to come up with a background for a building that is in dispute during the last book–who built it, why did they build it, why did they build it where they did, and why is it now in the hands of another family? Not sure if this works either. I might have to write the scene with the original owners and see how that goes.

Part of my problem is that I’m still near the start of the story and I’m 35000 words in! A lot of this will be cut in order to make things move along faster and a lot will be added to give flesh and color to my world. But that’s for December. Now, it’s time to get the bare bones down and make other decisions later.

Tough week!

This has been one tough week! We had three write-ins in a row, each at a different library branch. (I have one more tomorrow morning at the local independent bookseller.) I’ve had physical therapy on two of those days and a doctor’s appointment on Thursday (before the PT and the write-in). I’m still getting used to a new medication and totally forgot to take my bedtime meds on Wednesday night, which meant little or no sleep for Thursday. Still catching up on sleep even now!

Despite all that, my word count is right on target at 30,275. And I got several lovely messages and posts at the region’s Facebook group and official NaNoWriMo regional page for ML Appreciation Day on Thursday. Thank you!

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My fingers are sore!

Might be a touch of arthritis, might be neuropathy, might be overworking them with all this typing! In any case, I’m slightly above where I need to be; the daily goal is 18333 and I’m at 18698. We have a write-in tomorrow morning where I hope to reach 20K!

As an aside, I’ve decided to rename Percy the rocket duck. I had originally wanted him because he reminded me of Thunderbird Three. My brother realized this and named his own rocket duck for one of the Tracys. So, instead of going the same way he did, I’m going to rename Percy as Steam Kodiak, commander of Firefowl XL-5! (My fellow Thunderbirds/Gerry Anderson fans will understand the reference.)

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Super brief update.

Despite having some painful medical tests today (fresh baselines for the new neurologist), I am where I should be: 15000 on the nose. I won’t be putting up anything about my story today; I’ll say something tomorrow for sure, though. I’ll just leave you with a picture of my new friend, Darla, and my rocket duck, Percy. Darla’s expression will probably make her a good guilt dragon for the rest of NaNo.

Darla the dragon and Percy the rocket duck. My current muses.
Darla the dragon and Percy the rocket duck. My current muses.

Fire drakes!

I’m at 11730, which is just past day 7’s goal of 11666. It took four 15 minute word wars to get there! My hands are sore; not sure if it’s from the cold of the house or a touch of arthritis.

There’s a lot I could talk about when it comes to my books but I thought I might discuss something I need to research some more: fire drakes!

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All caught up!

If you look at the word count widget on the right hand sidebar, you’ll see I’m at 10033. Since Day 6 is supposed to be 10K, I’m right on target! Yay!

Okay, I promised a bit about Lucanthea or about the social structures of my world. Since Luca isn’t fleshed out very well yet (other than being an artist, a scientist, and a shape-shifting majii), I think I’ll go with the structures.

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Almost caught up.

Current word count is 7877. Not quite the 8333 listed for day 5, but nearly caught up. I have a bit over 2000 to reach 10K, which is Sunday’s goal.

Had a really well-attended write-in at a coffee house in Simpsonville. Thirteen people (other than myself) were there. One drawback: we couldn’t get online. This isn’t normally a problem but when you’re supposed to be having a virtual write-in for every physical one, you’re not sure just who you’re disappointing. I did get into the zone, even if my spelling and other writerly mechanics suffered mightily for it. When I have some time, I need to look into the physiology and anatomy of various reptiles (and a few amphibians). My fire drakes are based largely on our reptiles, along with some of the traditional dragon, wyvern, and wurm body types, on a world where no reptiles have existed up until now. I think this is going to be the most difficult of my three books simply because I’m throwing a lot more science and pseudo-science into it.

Hm. I’ll either talk about my newest character, Lucanthea, or I’ll talk about some of the social structures I’ve set up in this world.

Oh, I got the nicest NaNo mail from one of my Wrimos thanking me for my recent regional pep talk! Gave me the warm fuzzies, so it did!

A very brief update.

I took Friday off to shop and to binge watch the rest of Thunderbirds Are Go’s first season; it dropped yesterday on Amazon Prime Video. I made Thursday’s goal, wrote a few hundred words on Friday, and have a write-in this afternoon, during which I plan on catching up. (Still have to grocery shop, though.)

Current word count: 5353.


Character excerpt–Alain di Wintersea

My current word count is right on track: 3494. The word count widget is in the right sidebar.

Just to prove that I don’t write just female characters, let me introduce you to Alain di Wintersea, from my novel, Knights of the Hex. He is majii but has what many would consider a low-key power: he can turn one inorganic thing into another. He is the current head of the Wintersea clan, known for the long line of majes that the Maj (the world’s spirit) has chosen. A scholar and historian, he is considered a good overseer to his region and quite a handsome, virile catch, even in middle-age and after two marriages–one failed, the other ending with his wife’s death. He is in love with Elise and he inadvertently sets into motion some of the plot’s events when he sends his son, Denys, to a disputed island that has been lost to the family’s records.

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Well, NaNoWriMo 2016 has begun!

And we started off with a bang! (Not literally, of course.) Day One and we had a write-in at the local Panera. Not too many showed up but at least one newbie discovered the charms of a word war. I was under the eight ball from the start; not only did I have to come up with a new prize tote (the original one smelled to high heaven courtesy of a few old glow bracelets) but I forgot to download my IRC client when I upgraded my Scrivener and Open Office. I hope taking the paper, rubber, and cloth items will allow them to air so I can use them later this month. The stuff that had been in the stinky tote still smelled strongly enough to me that I felt nauseous during the write-in. I sprayed the tote itself, a really cool antique-looking oval case with a leather handle, with too much Febreeze and put it out on the front porch to air.

Current word count: 1774. You can find my official word count widget on my home page if you’ve a mind to follow my progress. Fortunately, I don’t have to spell well at the moment. I have the most horrendous typos!

Also, you probably all think my only interesting characters are women. Well, that’s not true. I’ll post something about one of my male characters tomorrow.

Now off to do a bit of research into some titles from my previous novels!