Some interesting Tumblr blogs

I’ve submitted an OC profile–that of Rhea Allison Tracy, from Moonstrike!–to a couple of OC blogs on Tumblr. The latest, Simply Original Characters, seemed to like the profile. She did point out the number of hobbies Rhea has, which I hadn’t even thought about before. The number could be seen as excessive, I guess, given how driven Rhea is as a character. Still, I have her doing at least two of them in the story so far, so I can work the others in at later times.

The owner of SOC has also started a new blog called, Hook Me. Writers who are still considered amateurs can submit the first three sentences of their stories to see if they have a good “hook”. I submitted the first three from Dawn of the Hex and Knights of the Hex. The second one needed a bit of revision to make it a better hook–something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. I still have so much to do in the background of both stories, but I’ve been doing a lot of other little projects to distract myself from writing at all.  I hate myself for doing that, but then, getting the little projects out of the way should open up time when I can do nothing but write. Thursdays are particularly good right now as two family members are gone all day, leaving just me and my daughter (and the dogs). Getting to bed earlier would also be a boon, as long as I fall asleep and stay asleep. Here’s hoping I can do it!

Ugh. Behind, as usual.

Here I am, five days into Camp NaNoWriMo and I’ve written less than 300 words. Yup, that’s right. Less than 300.

I just can’t write at home anymore. There’s too much housework and responsibility swirling around me, pressing down. Cats walking across my desk and making themselves at home on my mouse pad. Dogs whining for no apparent reason and children lying on the sofa with headphones on, ignoring the dogs. Not to mention that my desk chair’s hydraulics are accelerating their downward spiral to non-functional status. My idea to update my WIPs is falling quickly by the wayside; I almost feel I should totally rewrite the stories from scratch! Plus, I checked out Jukepop today and I kinda want to finish off my first Hex Majestorum story to post there. It sounds like an interesting way to possibly monetize my writing.

My goal tonight is to go to bed at a decent hour so I can get up at one as well. I’ve left my husband with a list of stuff I’d like him to do, leaving room for him to play a game or two with the boys before the oldest goes back to his apartment. I also need to sit down with the two remaining kids–I use the term loosely as they’re both adults–about them pulling their weight here at home. Then maybe, just maybe, I’ll feel less pressure from the housework and be able to write. If not, plan B is to take the van every day and go elsewhere: the library, a restaurant with or without wi-fi (I prefer with so I can access, the Y, just somewhere I can set up, tune out, and plug into my writing. Even two hours would be helpful!


I knew it was comimg, and this morning I saw it. Went to view my stats at and saw that I had 25,051 hits on The White Winds, with 251 reviews. It’s exciting, a bit puzzling, and all around heartening to see.  Now to get out the next chapter–I’ve been spending my writing time on my RPs and haven’t felt the need to write my actual stories.

Hubby didn’t come home until after 5:30 yesterday, but he had a good reason. He was working overtime on his day off, which means the 1.5 hours he worked over was all double time pay for him. A great thing in our minds; we could use the money right now. The kids haven’t driven me crazy… yet. I’ve got a lot of housework to do, and today I’ll see about catching up on some of it.

More later if the muse moves… and after breakfast.

Finally finished a chapter!

It’s taken so long it seems, but I’ve finally finished chapter 4 of Overtures. My muse has been really stingy on my fanfiction but very giving on my RP stuff. Maybe it’s because the RP stuff is short and the chapters are long, and part of a longer arc, I’m not sure. Now I need to work on The White Winds, which has over 6000 hits.
The Girl is at her cousin’s for the long weekend and I’m happy to have my husband home for two days instead of just one. Don’t know if he’s scheduled for Tuesday, which is his “day off”. Who knows? We might get a three day weekend after all.
More as the muse moves.

Woo Hoo! Goal met!

Went to see my GP, Dr. T.E., today about the toe. They x-rayed it and she said it looked good and I could stop buddy taping it. But of more importance was what the scale said! A loss of another 4 lbs since I was there two weeks ago! Woo Hoo! That’s a total of 16 since my visit with the diabetes management people back in April and 24 since my diagnosis in March! It is so good to reach and even exceed that goal!
I came home and celebrated with another small helping of toffee, sharing with my kids like last time. I had a lunch light on carbs so I didn’t even feel guilty about it.
Working on laundry and writing today. The White Winds 6 is moving along, as is Masquerade 21. Hope today is the Hubby’s 8-hour day; yesterday was supposed to be it but someone took sick and he worked over, as usual. Gotta think of supper for the boys again, and start it soon.
More later as the muse moves.

Got another doctor to add to my “Don’t like” list

Vascular surgeon Dr. Cull. He at least introduced himself, and shook my hand, which were points in his favor (unlike an unlamented, now retired neurologist of my not-brief-enough acquaintance). But the only thing he did for me was debride the callous on my foot… again. He wasn’t comcerned about the blood that has pooled behind the callous, deep under the skin but still visible. And when the callous was debrided, it smelled icky, which to me said there was something wrong (I did shower, and just before I left). On top of all that, they couldn’t find my chart…. not the best of visits. I’ll see Dr. York soon enough. I just hope this doesn’t develop into another blood blister like the last time…
It’s Hubby’s so-called “non-scheduled days” today and tomorrow. All that means is that he can only work until 3:30. Anything over that is double time pay. I groused a little; I would like my husband to have more than one day off in the week, but I know we need the $$$. I expect his call any minute, so I’d better wrap this up. Back later if the muse so indicates.