Fall is here, or is it?

That’s what I keep asking myself every time I go outside. Yes, the calendar says, “Autumn!” My outdoor thermometer says, “Summer!”

One good thing about autumn is National Novel Writing Month (aka NaNoWriMo). Jo, my co-Municipal Liaison (read regional volunteer), and I will be making plans and setting dates for the various write-ins and parties that go with “30 Days of Literary Abandon!” This year we have four branches of the Greenville County Library System offering our members space to write as well as plot-planning events before NaNoWriMo even starts. Last year it was three branches; next year, who knows? I’m certainly looking forward to November, even if I don’t have an idea for a new novel. Yet.

However, that gives me just a smidge over a month to get some of my older writing finished. I’ve already sent a chapter of Moonstrike! off to my betareader, and I found a partial chapter from Overtures lurking in my works-in-progress file. To help me with the latter story, I may start editing the first novel in my “Friends of the Family” story arc and post it along with posting more chapters of The White Winds. (Chapter 15 went up tonight; I’ll slap it up at Archive of Our Own in a few days.)

All of this would be easier if our house was in some vague semblance of order from a number of projects (including a full bathroom remodel) and if I hadn’t broken a rib from my second fall in as many weeks. My doctor said no driving while it heals and my kids are talking about Mom-proofing the house. My poor husband is really feeling the pressure, I’m afraid.

More later as I work on edits and wait for the temperatures to fall. I really do love autumn; I just need it to stop feeling like summer!

Getting a trickle

And I don’t mean rain from now Tropical Storm Katrina, who is supposed to give us some rain this evening. I mean creative trickle, one that sort of dried up in the middle of the rescue scene I wrote for The White Winds. The chapter ended up being very, very short, and I had to rewrite the beginning of it when betareader Liz pointed out what could have been a pretty massive gaffe on my part. Whew! I’m glad she’s my betareader!
Still, I managed to squeeze out enough from my muse to write one or two posts for CIR, at least one for Thunderfan, one for IR:TNP and the chapter from The White Winds and one from Overtures. I promised to do one for our Magician RP, which I haven’t touched in months, so I’d better get going on it. Maybe it will distract me from my feet, which have been predicting Katrina’s arrival since the wee hours of this morning.
More as my muse moves (and as the site allows).
Update: Did the Magician post, and also put up a layout of Wharton as I envision it. It’s at my photobucket account.

There’s weather coming….

and I wish it would get here and go! I actually made it to church this morning, mostly because the service was later and we were having dinner on the grounds afterwards. But I think I buddy taped my toe a little too tight and between that and the neuropathy flaring up because of the weather, I was pretty miserable by the time the meal was over. So Hubby took me home and went back to see the special play they had for the 1:30 service. I tried to eat right during the dinner, but it was all offset by my indulgence of the morning: donuts. Both of my feet are dancing with the burn right now and I’m having trouble focusing on my writing.
Ran my antivirus and spyware programs today when Willow told me she got a spyware alert as she accessed C’s pictures on Thunderbirds World. She also said she got the alert on IR:TNP, but I haven’t reported that one yet.

What do I like so far?

Well, I like the choice of themes. This outer space theme seems to look cool. I also like the choice of layouts. I’m not keen on the fact that I have to upgrade my Windows Media Player if I want to copy a playlist from there, but I’m doing it anyway. Much easier than trying to type in all the stuff from my MusicMatch playlist (which is rather extensive). I do wish I could change the size of my fonts, or change the fonts themselves. That’s a drawback that both livejournal and MSN Spaces share.

We had a nasty thunderstorm come through today, which set my neuropathy pain rating up to a nine or so. I napped a bit at the height of the storm. We did make it out to Lee’s so they could solder on my new Native American Thunderbird charm (closest thing I’m going to get to a Thunderbird), and to Walmart so I could put the vacation pictures in to be developed. They’ll be coming back as prints and on a CD, so maybe I can paste some pics of Carlsbad Caverns up here later this week.

Hope this color comes up okay on the blog. I’ll have my music playlist up later.