Finally, chapter four!

In an effort to return to regular writing, I finally reread and tweaked the fourth chapter of Not All Dead and posted it at Archive of Our Own,, and here. It means the story is complete at last. I found it a real struggle to finish as I wasn’t sure I’d gone the right way with the chapter but after rereading it, I was actually pleased with what I’d come up with. So, with a touch or two of work, I got it into a form I liked even more and called it done. Having Ralph Dibny as part of The Flash cast this year didn’t help either; though the character is very different (and Sue doesn’t exist yet), Ralph as the Elongated Man is canon. Maybe this story could be considered alternate universe or alternate reality. In any case, I hope you enjoy it!

In my final author’s note, I mention the term “jossed”. That was coined by Joss Whedon fans and denotes a storyline that’s hinted at in canon–giving fanfic writers and fan artists steady inspiration–but takes a left-hand turn which invalidates all that fan speculation.

From TV Tropes (a site that can become a very, very deep rabbit hole and time vacuum):

A fan gets Jossed when the elaborate Epileptic Trees or Fanfic that they’ve lovingly built upon canonical elements is abruptly disproved by further canon or Word of God. Named after Joss WhedonBuffy the Vampire Slayer was notorious for this. Fans would come up with detailed and elaborate theories or plots during summer hiatuses, most of which got completely thrown out within three episodes of the new season.

I have to admit, this little discussion and the multi-verse theory used in the show has given me a touch of inspiration… time to tuck that idea into my plot bunny hutch!

Fire drakes!

I’m at 11730, which is just past day 7’s goal of 11666. It took four 15 minute word wars to get there! My hands are sore; not sure if it’s from the cold of the house or a touch of arthritis.

There’s a lot I could talk about when it comes to my books but I thought I might discuss something I need to research some more: fire drakes!

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Another character excerpt–Siobhan Shaunessy

This particular character is from a middle-grade novel I wrote several years ago–the one NaNoWriMo novel I came closest to actually finishing. The story itself takes place in an alternate history, one where much of the Americas were still under colonial rule into the late 1800s and the sciences were just beginning to supersede magic in some areas. I liken it to a mixture of Harry Potter, X-Men, and the gaslamp fantasy Girl Genius with a soupçon of steampunk stirred in. I’ve been editing and rewriting to change the point-of-view from third-person omniscient to third-person limited.

Siobhan is an orphaned girl from Eire, brought to New Anglia by her great-uncle, Father Liam O’Keefe, according to the terms of her grandmother’s will. She is a seer; she literally “sees” things from the past or future of those who touch her skin-to-skin. She also sees ghosts and spirits. Her grandmother enrolled her in a school for mages like herself where she is expected to learn how to control what she can do. At first, she is shy and unsure of herself. Her manners need work and it takes time for her to get into the routine of the household. But as she becomes accustomed to her surroundings, she learns of a plan to use her classmates for profit and insists on acting, even when those around her feel she is too young to help.

Here is an excerpt from Bellecourt Chronicles: the Seer

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Thanks to the shortcut…

I have all the previously formatted stories up in draft form. I have no idea how long it’s going to take me to edit all those chapters.

Unfortunately, Overtures and Moonstrike! aren’t formatted at all so it’s going to take a bit for me to take care of them. I’m thinking that viewing source is probably my best way to go in this situation.

I still hate that has removed their HTML coding tool…

Doing some menu clean up.

With only nine chapters of The White Winds posted, I find the chapter titles—if left as a sub-item to the novel title in the menu—are already running off the page. Not a good thing when there are eighty all told in just the one story! So, in order to simplify matters, I’m removing the menu chapter sub-item links for just the novels. If you click on the novel title, it’ll take you to an index page where you’ll find links to every chapter and, of course, you can navigate to and from each chapter via links at the bottom of each page. The short stories and drabbles will still have their sub-item chapter links as part of the menu as they’re less problematic.

This is all my roundabout way of saying I cleaned up the main, top bar navigation menu for laptops and desktops. The mobile menu (found in the left sidebar) is already simplified—I hope. If you have issues with navigating the site, please feel free to comment in this thread. Your Disqus ID should work here as easily as it does anywhere else.

Still blocking those Italian would-be hackers…

And we’re live!

Opening Day has come!

I’ve created a redirect from my old site to this one, so anyone going there will be brought here instead. I’ve started posting the novels here, beginning with The White Winds. That in itself will take a while, but I can do it chapter by chapter. The latest, all new chapter of Burning Muses is up. I’ll post that at later this month, probably before NaNoWriMo starts. I’ve also created an Updates box for the home page. I wish I knew how to alter the <hr> function to give me a wider rule, though the very thin rule works on the chapter links page for The White Winds. (I created that as a table–it seemed the easiest way to go. The others probably don’t need it, having fewer chapters.)

Have much to do before our NaNoWriMo kickoff party on Saturday!

I think this one is going to work.

It looks like Twenty-Fourteen may be the ticket for the site. It’s not perfect; I can’t put up a proper header image as the height is far too small to get the image I want.  But thanks to Darrell Dow at Stuff Fundies Like, I snagged a plugin that allowed me to change the colors of the home page.  I’m also researching various plugins that will allow me to change the fonts if I so choose. I’m having trouble snagging a Google fonts API–I’m just not sure how to do it, even with the instructions that one of the plugins gives. Still, it’s a start.