I took Friday off to shop and to binge watch the rest of Thunderbirds Are Go’s first season; it dropped yesterday on Amazon Prime Video. I made Thursday’s goal, wrote […]

First, I’m supposed to be working on my 2007 NaNo novel during August’s Camp NaNoWriMo. Unfortunately, between my anniversary and various shopping trips, I really haven’t done much. I’ve also […]

Hubby gave me permission to buy myself some new clothes as a lot of my old ones are just hanging on me. The shorts I wore yesterday kept wanting to […]

It has taken six days for Chapter 5 of Overtures to be completed and posted. I can’t believe that it’s taken that long! But my brain isn’t as focused on […]

Pictures of The Honorable Addison Kennicot, Senator to the World Congress representing Great Britain (and Lady Penelope’s old school chum) and of Renée Baptiste, IR Agent 38 are up in […]

Got out to WalMart tonight and bought myself some more Russell Stover’s sugar-free chocolate.  They still didn’t have the caramel drops I love so dearly, but the coconut ones were […]

Well, I like the choice of themes. This outer space theme seems to look cool. I also like the choice of layouts. I’m not keen on the fact that I […]