A very brief update.

I took Friday off to shop and to binge watch the rest of Thunderbirds Are Go’s first season; it dropped yesterday on Amazon Prime Video. I made Thursday’s goal, wrote a few hundred words on Friday, and have a write-in this afternoon, during which I plan on catching up. (Still have to grocery shop, though.)

Current word count: 5353.


Weirdness in my writing worlds.

First, I’m supposed to be working on my 2007 NaNo novel during August’s Camp NaNoWriMo. Unfortunately, between my anniversary and various shopping trips, I really haven’t done much. I’ve also had the problem of things popping up from my planned 2011 NaNo novel, which doesn’t have a title yet. In an attempt to jumpstart finishing the 2007 story, Moonstrike!, I’ve started posting some bits I know are done at Fan Nation. I’m posting it there first because, frankly, the Thunderbirds section at Fanfiction.net is glutted with these kinds of stories and I need for this to be top notch before posting it there. My goal is to show How It Should Be Done™, so it has to be done right.

Which brings me to something else: the Thunderbirds section at ff.net really annoys me right now. There is a plethora of WeeTracy fics, because frankly, you don’t have to really refer to Thunderbirds when you’re doing it. Just use the names and make them two-dimensional characters using what you’ve read elsewhere. There are a lot of crappy fics posted there where the author’s writing skills suck and the current batch of “Let’s give everyone pets and strokes and hope they become better authors” reviewers fail terribly to point these things out in a way that makes the writer take notice. (Though I have noticed Musette 12 hopping in there to take some of the writers to task for either unrealistic fics, bad writing, bad attitudes, or any combination of the three.) There’s a whole lot of writing fanfic from fanon, too. New writers taking the writings of others to form their stories instead of going back to the source. There are also a couple of fics that make me scratch my head and go, “What the hell does this have to do with Thunderbirds?”  It’s crazy-making, and truthfully, it’s kept me from reading all but a few writers; currently, that means MathGirl, ThatGirlSix, and Silver Bee (since some of my other faves haven’t posted in the TBs section lately). Which is sad, because I used to read everything.

Well, I guess I’d better get back to doing something! I might go ahead and write what I’ve been getting from the “Fermat’s Mother” fic, or pick up something from Moonstrike! that I know I need to write. I’m sitting on my original fic for the moment as I’ve offended a good friend with some of my religious terminology and I need to figure out what to do there. Christianity doesn’t exist in my world, so terms like “the Blessed Lady” are not talking about the Virgin Mary. But I guess it sounds too close for comfort.


I like Walmart!

Hubby gave me permission to buy myself some new clothes as a lot of my old ones are just hanging on me. The shorts I wore yesterday kept wanting to slip down and off. So I went to Walmart today with the hopes of buying some new button-and-fly jeans.
Well, I got two pairs of stretch denim jeans, one by Just My Size and one by Faded Glory, plus a pair of stretch twill capris! I was so excited! I even found a new leather belt on clearance that fit! But the best part was the shirts. I picked out two that were my usual size and went to try them on. They were TOO BIG! I had to go back and find the next SMALLER size, and even those are roomy! I bought three. The kids, especially the Girl, said I look thinner now that I have clothes that fit better. I have to agree.
Got chapter 13 of The White Winds up today after a beta by Liz, who wrote a note to TracyLOVER to chastise her for her so-called review.  I noticed that TL took me off her list of favorite authors and my story off her list of favorites, too. I wondered what took her so long!  She also took off some other authors, which makes me think that she got more fallout and flack about her antics than she wanted, or that I’m aware of. Now all I have to do is tell Rain about TL, and she’ll have to take Rain off her list, which will basically give her no favorite stories anymore. TL has no idea the crap she stepped into when she did what she did. I do have friends in the fandom, and more than that, there’s a cadre of writers who would agree with my assessment of the story in question.
Well, enough about the PWP for now. I have to begin work on Overtures 6 and I don’t know why I’m being so hesitant about it. I know what I have to do and the ground I have to cover. It’s just getting it started that’s the trouble.
And I had a little discussion with the Girl about some of the characters I was trying to create for my possible magic fiction. She wants to draw them and put a bio beside them! So we talked about them, but the characters aren’t totally fleshed out in my head… yet. Maybe some more writing will help me to get them down pat. The problem is that I’m not exactly plowing virgin ground here. When we were talking, Hubby brought up at least two characters that are already out there in comic book land who do the same things that two of my characters do! Oh crumbs!
More as the muse moves.
A further note about TracyLOVER: I was thumbing through Classic Thunderbirds Showcase to see if any of our featured authors had gotten new reviews from being showcased and ran across a flame in one of Claudette’s works. It was anonymous and much more polite than the one I got, but on checking through both TracyLOVER’s and Virgil’s Grl’s reviews (the two of them being the most likely to have made some complaint), I found the review Claudette had left in one of TracyLOVER’s stories. It was nowhere near as blunt as mine, but was definitely constructive criticism. So, of course, Claudette was removed from the list, if she was on it in the first place. This girl thinks she knows everything there is to know about Thunderbirds… but she’s wrong. Very, very wrong. She thinks that those of us who write prolifically have no life. Personally, I think she’s the one who has no life. And she is making herself more and more enemies by the minute.

Six Days!

It has taken six days for Chapter 5 of Overtures to be completed and posted. I can’t believe that it’s taken that long! But my brain isn’t as focused on it as it was on Masquerade. I have gotten some of chapter 12 of The White Winds written, but not a lot. I did come up with an interesting solution to the problem; I hope it passes muster.
Payday was yesterday and I did go shopping for groceries. I still have stuff to get, but it shouldn’t be too much more. Bought a bathroom scale and found out it didn’t work. The weight it gave me was flattering, but not accurate and I want accuracy.
My SIL gave me an ABBA Greatest hits album. I’ve been listening to it all week. Talk about a walk down memory lane! Whew!
Time for bed, really. I’ll post more as the muse moves.

Interesting news from the pizza place.

Tonight was one of the fund-raising events that the elementary school has at our local Ci-Ci’s pizza. The food is pretty good, the price is right, and Boy #2’s teacher invited him to come (on her), so we all ate there. I was very, very bad: even though there was salad there, I ate nothing but pizza and even had dessert! I’m not looking forward to my bedtime blood glucose level!
But, the most interesting thing was what Boy #2’s old teacher told us about his PACT test scores. PACT is the Palmetto Acheivement Challenge Test or something like that, in any case, it’s the test that the state uses, along with the more familiar ITBS (Iowa Test of Basic Skills) to place students in the proper levels, assign them to honors or challenge courses, and rate the schools and their teachers. You’ll never believe it, but I was told that Boy #2 missed just ONE question on that whole test! Just one! I was blown away! The PACT not only measures how students achieve, but what kinds of strategies they use to get to their answers, and all year long, Boy #2 had to relearn the strategies he had already learned in Christian school. But for him to do that well just is overwhelming! We are all very excited and very proud. She also told me that she had heard that Boy #1 had placed in the “advanced” level, too. I’ll have to see how he (and his sister) did when the scores actually become available later this month.
Did a little bit of writing on Overtures, and more on some of my RP venues. The post I did last night for CIR was really, really good. Made Hobbeth go “Wow!” Finally got some shopping done after the pizza party. I was wearing my sneakers again because I went to the prosthetics people yesterday and they put a “metatarsal bar” in my custom insole. So now my callous, which was debrided on Tuesday, should grow more slowly. But I can use the insoles in both my ugly black shoes (which are wearing out) and my nice white walking shoes. Yay!
Time to stick my finger and face the music. More as my muse moves.

Two new pictures from C.!

Pictures of The Honorable Addison Kennicot, Senator to the World Congress representing Great Britain (and Lady Penelope’s old school chum) and of Renée Baptiste, IR Agent 38 are up in the Masquerade album. I’ve also added pictures of the other three cats to the Serendipity album as well. And I finally figured out how to edit the captions! It’s about time!
Finished the grocery shopping, or so I hope. Mega bucks spent, but all of it needed. I keep telling myself, “Two weeks, two weeks…” The only things we should have to pick up in the next two weeks will be bread and milk. The rest of the family got shorn today, including the Girl who wanted 2 inches off her long hair. I’m the only one left. Hopefully Monday, I’ll have time.

Peanut spread and sugar free grape jam taste weird together

I came up with this title after I made my lunch. They really do taste strange together. And it’s definitely the jam. Strawberry or blackberry taste better than grape.
Hubby’s supposed to have an 8-hour day, and when he gets home, I’ll finish the grocery shopping that I started yesterday. Spend $200 and didn’t get a whole lot to eat. But that will change when I hit Aldi’s today. I’ll drop the menfolk off at the barber’s, or they can even walk up if they like (they’ll have to walk back anyway; I’m sure they’ll be done with the haircuts before I’m done with the shopping). The boys really need haircuts, boy #1 in particular looks like a blond bush. I need a cut, too, but maybe on Monday…
Been writing some introspective Scott, and I’m not sure where to go from here in Masquerade 21. Don’t even know if I’m pleased with it. I’ve put The White Winds 6 on hold until I get the other chapter done. Juggling two stories has been difficult this time, partially because I’m trying to work through some writer’s block. I hate that! I want to get to the good stuff, but I’ve got to slog through the minutae to get there.
Better fuel up and tackle it again. Back as the muse moves.

I am finally refueled.

Got out to WalMart tonight and bought myself some more Russell Stover’s sugar-free chocolate.  They still didn’t have the caramel drops I love so dearly, but the coconut ones were back, hurray! Grapes were on sale, but I really shouldn’t have bought them; we have so many of the little plums that KF sent along. I had one today finally. They aren’t much bigger than cherries, but sooooo sweet! Makes me wonder if the one little plum I had was what shot my BG level up or if there’s some other reason.
Working on Masquerade 20 a  little, and added to my photobucket account as well as to the photo albums here and at IR:TNP. C’s latest is soooo gorgeous! The tiger is magnificent! The Girl keeps asking, “How does she do that?”  Started a gallery at fanfics.org and updated both Masquerade and The White Winds on that site. The galleries I already have there, filled with C’s artwork, have gotten top ratings.
Been trying to exterminate the ants in the kitchen. So far, the ants are winning the war.
I’m glad we finally have a new board for Calling International Rescue. Just have to get used to the thing, that’s all. Sigh.

What do I like so far?

Well, I like the choice of themes. This outer space theme seems to look cool. I also like the choice of layouts. I’m not keen on the fact that I have to upgrade my Windows Media Player if I want to copy a playlist from there, but I’m doing it anyway. Much easier than trying to type in all the stuff from my MusicMatch playlist (which is rather extensive). I do wish I could change the size of my fonts, or change the fonts themselves. That’s a drawback that both livejournal and MSN Spaces share.

We had a nasty thunderstorm come through today, which set my neuropathy pain rating up to a nine or so. I napped a bit at the height of the storm. We did make it out to Lee’s so they could solder on my new Native American Thunderbird charm (closest thing I’m going to get to a Thunderbird), and to Walmart so I could put the vacation pictures in to be developed. They’ll be coming back as prints and on a CD, so maybe I can paste some pics of Carlsbad Caverns up here later this week.

Hope this color comes up okay on the blog. I’ll have my music playlist up later.