And a happy Father’s day for all the dads I know… including my own, my FIL, and my beloved Hubby! As the title states, the Girl took the second of […]

Got the lunaescence newsletter for May today, and lo, and behold! I’m the author spotlight for the month! This is what they had to say! Author Spotlight: Tikatu. A mother […]

Well, the Hubby is getting better, if you don’t count his cold. Two of the cats, Tika and Cotton, have been to see the vet (finally!) and now have been dewormed and […]

School started today. The kids were up bright and early, and were ready, dressed, with breakfast eaten, lunches made, bright eyed and bushy tailed… by 7 a.m. I couldn’t take […]

So it’s now officially complete. I’ve started writing Overtures and have chapter 9 of The White Winds well under way. People like the movie-verse fic and say it’s very realistic, […]

Went to the diabetic management follow-up seminar today and took the kids. They behaved themselves very well and even bragged on me to the others in the group when I went […]