Second test down…

And a happy Father’s day for all the dads I know… including my own, my FIL, and my beloved Hubby!

As the title states, the Girl took the second of her College Board tests – the ACT – yesterday. She said it wasn’t quite as hard as the SAT and she was glad she didn’t have to write an essay. Hubby had Friday and Saturday off as his regular days off, and spent much of yesterday digging post holes for the fence, then repairing the spigot at the side of the house. Friday he went grocery shopping with me, which was nice.

Today we gave him cards and a gift: another Dr. Pepper t-shirt! It’s getting to be a household joke – don’t know what to get Dad? Get him a Dr. Pepper shirt! I think he has four or five of them now, including the long sleeved thermal one, and not including his sweatshirt style jacket. At least the one we got him today was different; it’s two shades of gray instead of the sort of murky red that the others ones are. Next up: Dr. Pepper sleep pants…

Dinner was great! Boy #1 gets into cooking, and did the 5-cup salad for me yesterday, then heated the green beans (his choice of veggie). He also set up the skewers for our first try at grilled seafood: shrimp and scallop kabobs. Hubby did the actual grilling, but Boy #1 set everything up for him. Man, that was good! We used this seafood seasoning shaker stuff on the kabobs. Marvelous flavor addition. And since we thawed out ALL of the seafood, we get to do it again either today or tomorrow! Yum!

Now it’s time for me to call my dad and wish him a Happy Father’s Day. I don’t know why, but both Mother’s and Father’s Days have just sort of crept up on me and caught me unawares. At least this time it was close enough to payday that I could get cards and gifts – and I put a little something in the packages for the moms, too. They probably should arrive by Tuesday.

Awards! Awards!

Got the lunaescence newsletter for May today, and lo, and behold! I’m the author spotlight for the month! This is what they had to say!

Author Spotlight:
Tikatu. A mother of three juggling the demands of family and life, Tikatu is an accomplished fan fiction author. She primarily writes fanfiction for Thunderbirds, though she has other excellent works too. Her stories are definately worth a read!

Isn’t that cool! I’ve only been on the site for two months and it seems I’ve made a good impression! I feel very flattered and excited about this honor! Woo Hoo!

The Girl got an award at school today for having been one of six students in her school who has read all the YABA books. (YABA means Young Adult Book Awards, or something like that.) There were 20 books in all and she was the first in the school to have finished them. I was supposed to be invited to the awards ceremony but someone forgot to give it to me… I haven’t seen the award either.

More later as the muse moves

An interesting ten days

Well, the Hubby is getting better, if you don’t count his cold. Two of the cats, Tika and Cotton, have been to see the vet (finally!) and now have been dewormed and given shots for their itchy skin (and flea treatment, as well). Boy #2 has been busy. He won his second basketball game 16-10 and was very happy. He also got a special t-shirt for scoring Advanced on the state achievement test last spring (one of five in his school to do so). He’s seen his first live hockey game (a friend took him), and was in his school’s talent contest, doing a comedy routine.
Report cards came out yesterday. The boys both got all As, and the Girl had six As and 1 B for the quarter, and 5 As and 2 Bs for the semester. We’re very pleased that she brought up her Geometry grade from a C to a B.
We got our federal tax money back (did the RAL with H&R Block). We’re waiting for the state taxes, too. Hubby thought it would be good to get me a new tower, and I’ve ordered a refurbished one from TigerDirect. My brother has had good experiences with them. I’m also getting a new, flat panel monitor. I hope it opens up some more room on my desk! With the state taxes, I want to order the rest of the fencing and finish up that project.
In writing, I’ve finished my love story, and need to help Hobbeth and Quiller with betaing theirs. I also have to make the changes on my own. I’ve started the next chapters to both Overtures and The White Winds.
For those of you who might want to know, Thunderbirds World is down and has been since last night. I have put in a support call to MSN Groups and alerted the site owner as well. I wish I knew what was going on; I’ve been demoted to an assistant manager, and that’s odd. When I hear what the problem is, I’ll let people know.

Interesting news from the pizza place.

Tonight was one of the fund-raising events that the elementary school has at our local Ci-Ci’s pizza. The food is pretty good, the price is right, and Boy #2’s teacher invited him to come (on her), so we all ate there. I was very, very bad: even though there was salad there, I ate nothing but pizza and even had dessert! I’m not looking forward to my bedtime blood glucose level!
But, the most interesting thing was what Boy #2’s old teacher told us about his PACT test scores. PACT is the Palmetto Acheivement Challenge Test or something like that, in any case, it’s the test that the state uses, along with the more familiar ITBS (Iowa Test of Basic Skills) to place students in the proper levels, assign them to honors or challenge courses, and rate the schools and their teachers. You’ll never believe it, but I was told that Boy #2 missed just ONE question on that whole test! Just one! I was blown away! The PACT not only measures how students achieve, but what kinds of strategies they use to get to their answers, and all year long, Boy #2 had to relearn the strategies he had already learned in Christian school. But for him to do that well just is overwhelming! We are all very excited and very proud. She also told me that she had heard that Boy #1 had placed in the “advanced” level, too. I’ll have to see how he (and his sister) did when the scores actually become available later this month.
Did a little bit of writing on Overtures, and more on some of my RP venues. The post I did last night for CIR was really, really good. Made Hobbeth go “Wow!” Finally got some shopping done after the pizza party. I was wearing my sneakers again because I went to the prosthetics people yesterday and they put a “metatarsal bar” in my custom insole. So now my callous, which was debrided on Tuesday, should grow more slowly. But I can use the insoles in both my ugly black shoes (which are wearing out) and my nice white walking shoes. Yay!
Time to stick my finger and face the music. More as my muse moves.

Waiting for the dam to break…

I am of the decided opinion that my muse is on vacation. It’s been hard, really hard, to write much of anything over the past few days. A paragraph or two on The White Winds, and more on Overtures, but I had a deuce of a time trying to figure out what was wrong with the rescue venue in the first place! Now I’ve got it, and it’s unique, and I think, will be funny (maybe).  We’ll see. But even writing RP has been a pain, and that’s not normal for me.
Well, tomorrow is Saturday and maybe I can get something done. I have to admit that I’ve felt rather blah all week and had a nasty headache yesterday afternoon. But I’ve been better today physically, just kind of jittery, which tells me that perhaps my hormones are coming into play again. I couldn’t even stand to stay online, which is very much not like me!
The Girl is making friends at school and today was smiling when she got into the van. My good friend, Dragonlady’s daughter is a junior there and is introducing her to some of her anime crazy crowd. Both boys have been very happy with school so far and Boy #1 has made a friend named Travis. Actually saw the boy today; looks like a nice kid.  I’m glad that things are starting off so well.
More as my muse moves… if she’s back from vacation, that is.

Familiar, yet unfamiliar

School started today. The kids were up bright and early, and were ready, dressed, with breakfast eaten, lunches made, bright eyed and bushy tailed… by 7 a.m. I couldn’t take Boy #2 to school until 7:30, so we waited around (I checked my email and reviews) and at the dot of 7:30, he was out the door.
So I took them to school. Dropping Boy #2 of was fine (other than idiots parking in the car line). He got off at his school every day. Very familiar.
Then on to the middle school. Familiar route, familiar going around the block to the drop off point. But… here’s where it got weird. The wrong child got out!
Not really; it was Boy #1, who was supposed to be there. But all year long last year, it was his sister that got out and passed in front of the car. To stop and have him get out instead of her really struck me as strange… my familiar routine had suddenly become unfamiliar. It was like I did a double take on life as it shifted around me.
Then, off to the high school. Yes, this was new and unfamiliar, but because it was new and unfamiliar I didn’t have the same sense of my world being rocked like I had at the middle school. The Girl fussed about being three minutes early and though she told me that all t-shirts were supposed to be tucked in (and she tucked in hers, as ludicrous as I thought it looked) not one other student had theirs tucked in. I just shake my head at her sometimes. I told her that if she wanted to be on time instead of early she’d have to take it up with littlest brother; he was the one who wanted out and off to school so early this morning.
So there are adjusments to be made in the following days. Hubby did catch the bus this morning, for which I was thankful, though even if he didn’t we would have had plenty of time to get him to work and the kids to school. I stopped by Chick-Fil-A for a couple of sausage breakfast burritos and a cup of their much improved coffee. Wish I had called Dragonlady to have breakfast with me; I’ve lost touch with her and now we’ve got kids in the same school again. Maybe later this week, a bit closer to pay day.
The White Winds 10 went up last night as did Overtures 2. Found out that doesn’t allow quotation marks in their summaries or chapter titles. I might see if I can fudge it and use two apostrophes, that would suffice.
But today I enjoy an empty house and get some work done around here, particularly in the area of folding clothes!

Put up the last chapter of Masquerade

So it’s now officially complete. I’ve started writing Overtures and have chapter 9 of The White Winds well under way. People like the movie-verse fic and say it’s very realistic, and very happy. I think it’s about time that something without a lot of angst was written about the movie Alan. I mean, he couldn’t be angry all the time.
Spent a couple of hours just napping this afternoon. Tomorrow, school starts for the Girl. She’s been in such a tizzy about it until finally I found a schedule of tomorrow’s freshman events and printed it off for her. Now she’s a bit calmer. Found out the other day that the Hubby’s start time has been pushed back a half hour, effective Saturday.  That means we’ll have to be out of the house by 7:15 on school days, and I’ll take him, then Boy #2 then Boy #1, then the Girl to school. Talk about car lines! The verdict is still out on her taking the bus; I’d like her to take it home at least. Maybe she can confab with Ashley to find out which one to take.
Hubby is not home yet. If he’s gone to the library on his own, he will definitely be in the dog house! This would be the second time this week that he went straight from work and the third time that he went in total. I didn’t mind it so much yesterday; he came home and took the kids while I was napping. But when he goes on his own, he stays until it closes…. grr.
More as the muse moves.


Went to the diabetic management follow-up seminar today and took the kids. They behaved themselves very well and even bragged on me to the others in the group when I went out to get my weight and waist measured and, most importantly, my hemoglobin A1C test. This is the test that measures your blood glucose levels over a three-month period and is very important in the management of diabetes.
According to their scales, I lost 13.8 lbs. My goal was 15 and they said I basically met the goal.
According to their tape measure, I lost four inches from my waist!  Hubby is already saying, “Oh no! You’re going to be looking at those catalogs again!”
But, most importantly, my hemoglobin A1C went from a 6.3 (just over the high end of normal) to a….
drumroll please…………..
Woo Hoo!! I am so pumped!! That is squarely in the “non-diabetic” range!!  My blood sugars have been really good and I am very ready to continue doing what I’ve been doing to lose more weight and keep those blood glucose levels under control!
On another happy note, the Girl got her schedule today. She has four honors courses: English 2, Biology 1, Global 1, and Geometry 1. On top of that she has Music Appreciation, P.E. and French. The only thing she’s not happy with is Music Appreciation; she would have rather had Art.
Enough happy dancing for now. Back later if the muse moves.