Took a day off

I’ve been keeping up pretty well with the daily word count and am up to over 12K, which is higher than yesterday’s total. Today’s is 13,334, so I have a bit left to go to reach it. Mostly I’ve been reading and cooking and doing laundry while mulling over where the story is supposed to go next.

I’ve already had a character do something unexpected. For those writers who are planners, this doesn’t happen. Even those who aren’t necessarily planners might say the same. “You’re the writer! The characters do what you tell them to!” I haven’t found that to be the case, really. Sometimes a character busts loose and does something that totally blindsides me. It often leads to a new direction for the whole story.

Not so much in this case. Not only did it derail what little plot I’d planned, it also put my main character in a bind, so much so that to get her back on track, I had to kill off the obstreperous character. Which turned my sci-fi adventure into a murder mystery and a budding romance, to boot! (I do not write a lot of romance!)

It’s probably an issue with my main character, Phoebe. I made her a bit unpleasant and someone who deals mostly in logic and science when she needs to have a bit of imagination. Her job as a historic librarian (I probably have to look up the proper title for the things she does) has her dealing with books as objects and not repositories for stories. I can see her as someone who loved reading when she was younger, but her vision has narrowed due to overexposure. She deals with books all day; in her free time, she delves into history and science, things related to her field. I have to write her rekindling that love of reading for pleasure, too. So far, that has happened too quickly. I probably need to slow that down but still get her on the research team.

I also have the nagging feeling one of the researchers–the one who invites her out for a date–isn’t quite what he seems. That he might end up being the Big Bad. Not sure of this yet. I’ll see how it goes.

In any case, I should get back to writing. I’ll be adding this post to my word count, too–just because I can. ūüėČ

Second test down…

And a happy Father’s day for all the dads I know… including my own, my FIL, and my beloved Hubby!

As the title states, the Girl took the second of her College Board tests – the ACT – yesterday. She said it wasn’t quite as hard as the SAT and she was glad she didn’t have to write an essay. Hubby had Friday and Saturday off as his regular days off, and spent much of yesterday digging post holes for the fence, then repairing the spigot at the side of the house. Friday he went grocery shopping with me, which was nice.

Today we gave him cards and a gift: another Dr. Pepper t-shirt! It’s getting to be a household joke – don’t know what to get Dad? Get him a Dr. Pepper shirt! I think he has four or five of them now, including the long sleeved thermal one, and not including his sweatshirt style jacket. At least the one we got him today was different; it’s two shades of gray instead of the sort of murky red that the others ones are. Next up: Dr. Pepper sleep pants…

Dinner was great! Boy #1 gets into cooking, and did the 5-cup salad for me yesterday, then heated the green beans (his choice of veggie). He also set up the skewers for our first try at grilled seafood: shrimp and scallop kabobs. Hubby did the actual grilling, but Boy #1 set everything up for him. Man, that was good! We used this seafood seasoning shaker stuff on the kabobs. Marvelous flavor addition. And since we thawed out ALL of the seafood, we get to do it again either today or tomorrow! Yum!

Now it’s time for me to call my dad and wish him a Happy Father’s Day. I don’t know why, but both Mother’s and Father’s Days have just sort of crept up on me and caught me unawares. At least this time it was close enough to payday that I could get cards and gifts – and I put a little something in the packages for the moms, too.¬†They probably should arrive by Tuesday.

Fudge, fudge, fudge and more fudge!

Yummy, yummy, yummy!

Been making fudge pretty much all week. Delicious stuff, not healthy for me, but we’re nearly swimming in it. Plain, walnut, pecan and mint. Made it for the teachers and neighbors. Made it for Hubby’s all week work party (he didn’t bring any of the fudge back — for which I was happy, happy!!).

He brought home some Harry and David chocolate cherries,gifts from a customer. Never had them before… wow! Delicious! Too easy to eat too many.

Presents are wrapped, and everything’s purchased. Dinner will be on Sunday evening (after the football game) with birthday cake and ice cream for dessert. Can’t believe Boy #2 will be 11! A proto-teenager for sure!

Just finished watching "Wyrd Sisters". Fun stuff, and it’s been a while since I’ve seen it.

Have a story to finish, a sequel to last year’s Resolutions. Have a lot to write on it yet, but I’ll wait until it’s done to post it. First chapter is done; Hobbeth’s not home so I’ll have to do what I can as far as beta is concerned. Asked Lillihafrue to read it through; her husband’s an English teacher and she offered his help as well. She didn’t see anything untoward except for the spelling of "pizzazz" (my crazy spellchecker had "pizazz"). Maybe her hubby will find something.

Enough for now. Things are happening in my brain and I feel like I need to write. The kids are heading off to bed, rather late, but it’s my own fault for letting them watch the film.

More as the muse moves.

I hope I can recover my brain here.

Had my brainstorming session with the gals; it was okay. Created a new timeline for IR:TNP. Posted chapter 35 because C reviewed, then Frankie did. Amanda did, too, but it was a bit of siliness… Don’t know what I’m gonna do with that girl!
The Girl’s gallery has been updated at last. Hubby is sleeping; gotta make dinner for the crew tonight so he doesn’t have to.
The transcript will wait until tomorrow and so will the birthday post. I may be able to eke out more of chapter 36 tonight. We’ll see.
Update: Hubby got up on his own and made eggs and biscuits for us, of which I ate too much. I am feeling rather fried, ekeing is the best word for how things are coming along on chapter 36, though I did manage to edit the transcript, and post on both IR:TNP and CIR. I keep waiting for more reviews… not that any are forthcoming. I have to wonder who is still reading this besides C, Frankie, Becks, Janet, and Amanda… I think I might go to bed at a decent hour tonight, like before midnight.

Peanut spread and sugar free grape jam taste weird together

I came up with this title after I made my lunch. They really do taste strange together. And it’s definitely the jam. Strawberry or blackberry taste better than grape.
Hubby’s supposed to have an 8-hour day, and when he gets home, I’ll finish the grocery shopping that I started yesterday. Spend $200 and didn’t get a whole lot to eat. But that will change when I hit Aldi’s today. I’ll drop the menfolk off at the barber’s, or they can even walk up if they like (they’ll have to walk back anyway; I’m sure they’ll be done with the haircuts before I’m done with the shopping). The boys really need haircuts, boy #1 in particular looks like a blond bush. I need a cut, too, but maybe on Monday…
Been writing some introspective Scott, and I’m not sure where to go from here in Masquerade 21. Don’t even know if I’m pleased with it. I’ve put The White Winds 6 on hold until I get the other chapter done. Juggling two stories has been difficult this time, partially because I’m trying to work through some writer’s block. I hate that! I want to get to the good stuff, but I’ve got to slog through the minutae to get there.
Better fuel up and tackle it again. Back as the muse moves.

I’ve had my toffee for the day, that’s for sure!

Without even trying this has been a high carb day. Breakfast was fine; I had the usual stuff. But I did have some of that delicious toffee around lunchtime, and had leftover ravioli (high carbs) for lunch itself. Then for supper, six pieces of French toast with sugar-free syrup on it. The FT was made with my low-carb bread, yeah, but add a glass of milk in there and I had some pretty hefty carbohydrates! Shouldn’t have pigged out like that, I know, but it was so good and I was very hungry. Back to the regular diet tomorrow. And nothing but water or diet soda for the rest of the night.

¬†I’ve added¬†URL links¬†to the stories in my lists and have separated out my works in progress from my completed tales. For some reason I don’t understand, the site has chosen to group them according to the URLs, so the ones from FictionPress are at the top of my completed list, and the ones from are at the bottom.

¬†If you’re wondering why I have two of my stories referenced to and not, it’s because I removed Bedtime Story¬†in accordance with’s¬†policy on not printing the lyrics of a song if they don’t belong to you. And, in the case of the Missing Scenes Anthology, I had removed one of the missing scenes from the version, but kept it at the posting. I was under the impression that the posting of that particular scene was offensive to someone at, and I removed it to try and make amends. Doesn’t seemed to have worked, however. The offended person is still not communicating with me and, indeed, has never indicated to me why she was offended in the first place!

¬†C’est la vie, I suppose. The Thunderbirds fandom on a whole is as cliquish as any group of high school girls. For the most part, I try to stay out of it, hobnobbing with those whose company I enjoy and eschewing those whose company I find limiting. I’ve never been one to kowtow to the¬†popular crowd. Never.

Can I scream now?

I have been booted offline by MSN several times this evening, causing me to change the access numbers twice so far. I only have two more after this one, so things had better stay stable for a bit. My connections speed isn’t up to snuff either. I have to shake my head and wonder what’s going on with MSN these days.

Hubby spoiled me tonight. Bought me a jamocha shake from Arby’s. To offset it, he also bought me a chicken wrap, of which I only ate half. Why? Because I wanted to somehow balance the mega sugar carbs I was getting from the shake and the other carbs I was getting from the yummy onion petals. But I was thankful. It made me feel normal for a change. I’d hate to see my BG numbers in an hour or so though!

Stuck on where to go with Chapter 20 of Masquerade. I’ve got two scenelets done that I’m happy with, but the third one is giving me a bit of trouble. I have a goal for chapter 21, and I’m not sure I’m going to make it. Grrr. There’s so much going on in so many different settings in the story, and all of it seems important. I feel rather like Brains does in the little scenelet I’ve written. Too much on my plate and something essential being left out. Too many plot bunnies to juggle here. I need to narrow things down… but the boys are beginning to clamor for a rescue on top of it all! Sheesh!

So much for a restful night

Woke up around 2:45 and could not get back to sleep. I really should have gotten up and written up the snatch of Jeff/Lou interaction that I had buzzing in my head, but… I didn’t. I¬† just lay there feeling more and more amorous until finally I woke the hubby around 4:30. Not that we did anything… he was too pooped. I’ve got to let him get a good nap this afternoon, probably during¬†the IR:TNP brainstorming session. And when he gets home, I’d better have the grill ready and the baking potatoes in the oven. Give him a head start on lunch. So, I’m off again to prepare!