Questions you may have…

Did I reach my word count for Camp NaNoWriMo?

Uh, no. I didn’t. (Which is part of the reason I’ve taken over a month to update anything.) The story I set myself to, after finishing the Flash fanfic, just gave me no joy. It’s a story I want to tell but I may have taken too long to tell it. I mean, The White Winds finished in 2010 and this was supposed to be a sequel. It may be too late to go that route.

Have I posted the final chapter of the Flash fanfic?

No. I wanted to give myself some space before editing it and still haven’t gotten around to doing so. It shouldn’t take long to do, really. I’ve just found other things a priority–like housework.

Will I be doing Camp NaNoWriMo in July?

I plan on it. My physical therapy should be finished by then and I can actually spend some time going away from home to write. Trying to write here with the pets and the responsibility of keeping the house clean is difficult.

One thing I’ve discovered about myself, however, is what I tend to write when I write original stories. For the past few years, whether I’ve written fantasy or science fiction, I tend to write superheroes. This hearkens back to my early days as a budding girl geek, when my favorite show was Batman and my favorite character was Robin. Back to the time when I collected comic books almost religiously. There’s something about them that fascinates me. I started daydreaming about a character for another fix-it fic for the Flash but this time, instead of bringing an already established DC Comics canon character into the universe, I wanted to write an original character. However, by the end of the season, all the reasons why she would be needed were answered (sort of) and I thought, why not write her in an original story? So, barring any unforeseen circumstances, that’s what I plan on doing. Whether I write her tale in July for Camp or start building my cast of characters and my world for November’s main event, that will be my focus.

Now that I’ve said all that, I’ve also followed a new group on Tumblr called WIP Week. I understand the idea is to work on the WIPs (works-in-progress) in my catalog. It might push me to finish one of the Thunderbirds stories I started posting. We’ll see; like the story I picked up for Camp in April, these have been languishing for years. I still know where I want to go with them. It’s getting there that’s the problem.

I’m past the halfway point

Roughly 600 words to get to 30k, which is right on schedule. I had a bit of an epiphany about the characters in my story: this is not only a fictional world that my main character is visiting, it’s the mirror-verse of that world. So, the person she thinks is on the side of the angels–because that’s the way he’s portrayed in books–really isn’t. I’ve got to figure out why the Door gets stuck in this universe: I guess the overthrow of the bad guy is the reason.

Right now, I’m using a well-known character (Sherlock Holmes, if you want to know) as the locus for this mirror-universe. I just don’t know if I should continue with him or not. I’m kind of uncomfortable making this good guy so bad. Thinking it over makes me wonder if I should make up a character along those lines and leave Holmes in Baker Street. I mean, he is in the public domain, though I’m not sure what the Conan Doyle estate would think of my idea (especially knowing how badly I want to corrupt Watson in this mirror universe!).

If any of my readers have ideas, my comments do take Disqus. Or you could poke me on Tumblr or Facebook, as this will cross-post to both of those social media services. I’d like to know what you think!

In other news, I need to see my doctor about the possible recurrence of my neuropathic arthropathy. If it’s true, I’ll be seeing a lot of orthopedists and will spend some serious time in air casts and braces. It will give me plenty of time to write.

Adding this to my word count!

Wrote this in response to a prompt on Tumblr’s WriteWorld blog.

The prompt is in blue. I’ve made a few tweaks and come up with an ending since first posting it there. It just seemed to cry out for a Thunderbirds twist. Word count:  650. Any feedback welcome!

“As one of the hundreds of people who have tried to kill you at one time or another, I can attest to your tenacious refusal to die, milady.” Continue reading “Wrote this in response to a prompt on Tumblr’s WriteWorld blog.”

Some interesting Tumblr blogs

I’ve submitted an OC profile–that of Rhea Allison Tracy, from Moonstrike!–to a couple of OC blogs on Tumblr. The latest, Simply Original Characters, seemed to like the profile. She did point out the number of hobbies Rhea has, which I hadn’t even thought about before. The number could be seen as excessive, I guess, given how driven Rhea is as a character. Still, I have her doing at least two of them in the story so far, so I can work the others in at later times.

The owner of SOC has also started a new blog called, Hook Me. Writers who are still considered amateurs can submit the first three sentences of their stories to see if they have a good “hook”. I submitted the first three from Dawn of the Hex and Knights of the Hex. The second one needed a bit of revision to make it a better hook–something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. I still have so much to do in the background of both stories, but I’ve been doing a lot of other little projects to distract myself from writing at all.  I hate myself for doing that, but then, getting the little projects out of the way should open up time when I can do nothing but write. Thursdays are particularly good right now as two family members are gone all day, leaving just me and my daughter (and the dogs). Getting to bed earlier would also be a boon, as long as I fall asleep and stay asleep. Here’s hoping I can do it!