Story’s not finished, but that’s par for the course. More takeaway later.

The story is not finished yet, but…

I posted the first chapter!

It’s not betaread yet, so if you see any problems–whether they’re grammar, spelling, or possible canon errors–let me know. I’m really, really excited about it! I’m sure I won’t get any responses at my site, but I might at Tumblr or Facebook. Also, if anyone is interested in betareading (that’s proofreading/editing for those outside the fanfiction community) I’d be incredibly grateful. I haven’t sent this to my usual beta because I’m not sure how well-versed she is in DC Comics or the Arrowverse Flash.

I plan to let this sit here for a few days to see what response I get. Then I’ll post it at fanfiction.net and AO3.

With great ado, I now present “The interview”, the first chapter of Not All Dead.

Super brief update.

Despite having some painful medical tests today (fresh baselines for the new neurologist), I am where I should be: 15000 on the nose. I won’t be putting up anything about my story today; I’ll say something tomorrow for sure, though. I’ll just leave you with a picture of my new friend, Darla, and my rocket duck, Percy. Darla’s expression will probably make her a good guilt dragon for the rest of NaNo.

Darla the dragon and Percy the rocket duck. My current muses.
Darla the dragon and Percy the rocket duck. My current muses.

A little incentive…

Well, in my last installment, I talked about the book of short stories my mother-in-law had written and how I’d edited and had them printed up in an amazing quality book for her. (It really is amazing! Thanks, Blurb!) She was ever so happy about it and encouraged me to do the same for one of my own stories.

So, yesterday I got a letter in the mail from my father-in-law. Inside was a generous check and a cryptic line, “For services rendered”. Now, I hadn’t done what I did for money; I was all about the book being a labor of love. I didn’t know if my MIL knew what my FIL had done so when she called later, I mentioned it. Turns out she did and they want the money to go towards printing my own book.

To that end, I’ll be working on one of my older NaNo novels. Camp NaNoWriMo starts this week and I want to use that time to rewrite the story where needed. Someone said rewriting a draft from scratch is a really good way to iron out the bumps, so I may try it and see where it goes. I plan on posting excerpts along the way and I hope anyone interested in leaving feedback will register either here, with WordPress.com, or with Disqus. (If you already have a WordPress.com or Disqus account, I believe you can post replies to my site already.)

Now that this is up, I have even more incentive to get ‘er done!

It’s here!

My mother-in-law’s book has arrived, a full week and a half ahead of schedule! I think it looks great and I’m so excited, almost as excited as if I’d written it myself! Now I have even more impetus to write my own book! The 14-point type is really readable, even for those with vision issues. The cover is pretty simple, black and white with a light gray background. (I found the picture at freeimages.com and I give credit to the photographer on my acknowledgements page.) I’m really pleased with the quality of the printing! What looks like a smudge on that one page is actually the shadow of a wire.

Soooo excited to send it off to her!


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Well, the shortcut still has a few bugs in it…

At least, I think it might. Someone was trying to access chapter 12 of The White Winds and couldn’t. Kept coming up with “unknown page”. Doing that too many times throttled their IP, too.

Not sure just why, but chapter 11 and 12 had rendered the HTML markup for the <> symbols in the posted page instead of the symbols themselves. I’ve gone in and tweaked those two chapters and tested the links to make sure they’re functioning properly. I’ll take a quick run through the other chapters to see if there’s some kind of error in the WP build itself. Hopefully not!

Sorry about that!

Edited to add: All is well. If you can’t get to a chapter you know should be there by way of the previous/next chapter links, try getting there via the novel’s landing page. There should be a current link to any live chapter.

Yes, I’ve updated a fic!

Just a quick post to say that I’ve updated Burning Muses with a new chapter. I thought this one was finished long ago, but the idea of Scott describing how he dances brought up the Muse of Dance, Terpsichore. So I finally wrote it up after getting a proper hook from a recent family wedding.

As you can see, the word count meters at NaNoWriMo have reset. Less than two weeks to go before it starts! I think I’m going to work on an intermediate volume to my unfinished fantasy trilogy. We’ll see how that goes.

Beginning to get the hang of this theme thing

I’ve been quiet over the past months as I’ve worked on this site on and off. My goal is to shape this into my writer’s platform, using it to eventually promote my fantasy fiction–eventually being the operative word here. I’m going to replace my personal fanfiction site with this one, too. The original has served me well; unfortunately, my coding skills are not the best and it’s beginning to break down on the actual story pages. The one-shots and smaller chapter stories are already loaded here, as is the poetry. My drabble books are still to come as are the fanfiction novels. The latter will take some time as I’m trying to clean them up before posting; with The White Winds clocking in at 80 chapters and over 350K words, you can imagine this is going to take a while!

So far, I find Sunspot to be a visually appealing theme, so I’ll work with it for the time being. Hopefully I can get my daughter the graphic designer to work a little CSS magic and tweak it to my satisfaction.

I’m still debating whether or not to use this as a personal blog, too, as I have in the past. Many of my earlier posts deal with family as well as writing and I don’t plan on moving those offline. However, I have a family-oriented blog on WordPress.com as well as a livejournal where I can talk about the ins and outs of my personal life. Perhaps asking my writing friends would be a good idea.

In any case, consider this the first post of my writer’s platform! Welcome to my world!