Finally finished the third chapter

I have been so behind on blogging and writing. Partially because I don’t have the deadline of NaNoWriMo hanging over my head but also because there’s been a lot of personal upheaval in my life–from my mom’s kidney failure to my dad’s current hospital stay to my recent fractured leg due to another nasty fall….

So much for Camp

Totally, utterly derailed by the whirlwind preparations for a parental visit. Cleaning took most of the week as did rearranging furniture to make way for a gift of a new-to-us dining room set (gifted to us by aforementioned parental units). I might be premature and totally wrong about the derailment. Perhaps once the ‘rents are…


The callous on my right foot, the one that has been forming since that blood blister back in March, the one that the vascular surgeon has been debriding in hopes of getting it to heal, now has blood behind it again. I noticed a change in color as early as last Friday, but today I…

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