It’s here!

My mother-in-law’s book has arrived, a full week and a half ahead of schedule! I think it looks great and I’m so excited, almost as excited as if I’d written it myself! Now I have even more impetus to write my own book! The 14-point type is really readable, even for those with vision issues….

Back in the saddle, so to speak.

Over the past few weeks, as a gift to my lovely mother-in-law, I’ve been proofreading and gently editing some of her completed short stories. At first, it was supposed to be a surprise for her, but someone in the know inadvertently spilled the beans, so she knows all about it. Last night, I uploaded the…

Six Days!

It has taken six days for Chapter 5 of Overtures to be completed and posted. I can’t believe that it’s taken that long! But my brain isn’t as focused on it as it was on Masquerade. I have gotten some of chapter 12 of The White Winds written, but not a lot. I did come…

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