Yes, a new theme.

I’m trying out this new theme as it seems 2014 (even with the added child theme) is used a LOT around the Web. There’s a lot I like about this one: it’s already optimized for various devices, the menus and widgets are hidden until they’re needed, and the custom header has that sort of muted…

Finally found an answer!

Seems that one of the plugins, Stealth Publish, is broken and responsible for removing my menu! Maybe now I can go back to Sunspot or use the Awesome_2014 child theme without worrying about losing the menu. Back to the salt mine!


I’ll probably come up with a static updates page on the home page for such things but, for now, this will suffice. Today I finished putting up all the drabbles for my first drabble book, Coffee, Tea and More. If you have no idea what a drabble is, it’s a little story of just 100…

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