Thunderbirds Haiku

Wealthy Tracy clan
Fly machines, rescue hopeless.
Thunderbirds are go.

Scott Tracy, eldest,
Flies the fastest, arrives first,
Directs the action.

Next, Virgil Tracy
Brings equipment in the pod,
Drives to save the day.

John Tracy, in space,
Listens hard, responds to calls,
Monitors alone.

Gordon Tracy dives
Beneath the sea; his great love
Nearly took his life.

Last, Alan Tracy
Pilots his rocket ship high
Into outer space.

Geeky Brains, his mind
whirls with ideas. Not all are
useful. Ask Braman.

Jeff Tracy, father,
Commanding from his island,
Sends sons to danger.

Tin-Tin, instructed
at the finest schools, must find
dictation galling.

Kyrano, gentle,
skilled, unselfish; he has a
mystery ailment.

Hood, cruel and selfish,
uses his brother to gain
Thunderbirds' secrets.

Grandma cannot help
but meddle in the affairs
of her grandchildren

Penelope finds
the shadow game better than
giving estate tours.

Loyal Parker must
enjoy driving Milady's
pink Rolls Royce, FAB-1.

Penelope likes
Jeff; he is oblivious
to her advances.

My Brother, My Slave

Kyrano, brother,
it has been so long since you
have seen my visage.

We parted ways long
ago. I took what you should
have inherited.

You are weak, brother.
I reach out; I call on you
and you answer me.

I know your feeble
mind far more thoroughly than
you know it yourself.

Its hidden corners
are open to my probing.
You have no secrets.

It pleases me to
use you, weak one, the peaceful,
pathetic servant.

You are the traitor,
the unknowing, unwitting
pawn under my hand.

Through you will I claim
all the Thunderbirds’ secrets.
You will lay them bare.

Nothing you do can
stop me, Kyrano, brother.
Tracy cannot help.

You try to resist
and fail. My stronger will makes
you writhe, tormented.

None will ever know
why you have seizures, why you
pass out and lose time.

No doctor can find
the mark of my magic, my
demonic powers.

Only death will end
your agony, Kyrano,
my brother, my slave.