One Shots and Poetry

A collection of single-chapter stories and poetry, mostly about the cast of Thunderbirds.

Bedtime Song

Gordon finds an old recording.

Coming Online

First morning home, and John Tracy wakes up. From Darsynia's "First Line" challenge at Live Journal.

Follow The Cat

A Halloween trip to somewhere... else for Alan and Virgil.


A simple event gets Jeff daydreaming about a strange occurance from his past.

Lucky Dog

It's Parker's night out.

Mr. Sunshine

John Tracy gets his day in the sun.


Ever wonder how the Hood knew about IR before Trapped In The Sky? Here's my take on it.

Rhythm of the Stroke

One of Gordon's favorite memories from his teen years.

We'll Always Have Paris

Kyrano takes Tin-Tin on a journey of the heart.


Thunderbirds Haiku
A series of haiku celebrating the cast of Thunderbirds.

My Brother, My Slave
A series of linked haiku showing the Hood's thoughts on his half-brother, Kyrano.