Prompt 16, wine

He held the tulip shaped glass to the light, the golden amber of the cognac pleasing to his eye. Swirling the wine around, he brought the glass to his nose; the scent teased him. A sip, and he sank back into his comfortable chair. Here, in his quarters, he was not the servant, but the master. Right now, he was not the self-effacing retainer, but the connoisseur, the expert... especially of the wine he savored.

Memories of Paris, his wife, and Tin-Tin's early years, always seemed as golden as his nightly libation.

"To old habits," Kyrano murmured, smiling softly.

First Sip

Author's note: Inspired by a prompt from live journal's fic simplicity community. Their prompt: #2, summer rain.

Prompt 17, strawberry wine

He'd never had strawberry wine.

But as he kissed her, he imagined that was what her kisses tasted like. Like a summer fruit, sweet, ethereal, full of promise. He pushed her dark, heavy, wet hair back and away, tilting her rain-kissed face up so he could again taste her lips, ripe and red like the fruit. In the warm, summer downpour of a Tracy Island December, he had his first sip of strawberry wine, and it only made him thirst for more.

Her green eyes were closed as she breathed, "Oh, Alan."

He smiled, and kissed her once more.


Author's note: Possible scenelet from "Move And You're Dead".

Prompt 18, power drinks

"H-Here, Alan. Drink this."

Overheated from his ordeal on the bridge, Alan sluggishly reached for the bottle he was handed. Bringing the straw to his lips, he dragged on it slowly. Then, realizing his thirst, he pulled out the straw, letting it slip from listless fingers. He wrapped both hands around the bottle, and guzzled the Gatorade as if it were his very last drink.

He blearily glanced at Brains, who watched nearby. His mouth was ringed with orange; it ran down his chin. He licked cracked lips, tasting the drink again. Holding out the empty bottle, he croaked, "More?"

The Real Thing

Author's note: This drabble is connected to prompt #8, and inspired my daughter to create some artwork for it. I've used it for the cover art.

Prompt 19, fruit juice

The color always seemed lighter, more watery, uneven. The tiny bits of pulp floated, clinging to the sides of the glass in an inviting way. The intricate entwining of flavors, each so similar but different enough if taken alone, made every serving a new delight.

John drained the tumbler in one long continuous swallow. He closed his eyes while he emptied it, savoring each gulp, enjoying the drink's unique, heavy texture.

He sighed in satisfaction, holding out his glass. "More, please, Kyrano."

Scott shook his head. "I'll never understand why you drink so much orange juice when you get home."

Paradise Peaks

Author's note: Scenelet from the end of The Cham-Cham. Kirschwasser is cherry brandy.

Prompt 20, brandy

The music, by Cass Carnaby and his band, was exciting. The food, excellent. The ambiance – the Swiss Alps - exhilarating. And the company, exquisite. Snifter of kirschwasser in one hand, Cuban cigar in the other, Virgil was more than content. He beamed at his companion, using his most charming smile.

Penelope glanced over his shoulder. "Where do you suppose Alan and Tin-Tin have gone?"

He placed the snifter on the linen-covered table, and the cigar in the marble ashtray. "It doesn't matter." Rising to his feet, he offered his hand. "Care to dance?"

She smiled. "With you, Virgil? Of course."