Forgot about this little one-shot.

Among Thunderbirds fans, both in the UK and worldwide, October 30th is “Thunderbirds Day”. It commemorates the first airing of “Trapped in the Sky” back in 1965. For many fanfiction writers, October is also “Whumptober”, where the entire month is dedicated to stories whumping on (or beating up) a fandom’s main characters. I wasn’t thinking of Whumptober when I wrote the one-shot, but it may have had some small influence. I just thought about why a day might have been named “Thunderbirds Day” in the Tracy family’s world. Why would a day be dedicated to them? There were two reasons; one, a joyous day when the world could celebrate and honor their service or two, a sad day when the world honored their sacrifice. The latter scenario gave me a little niggle and out it came.

I hope you enjoy it.