Still behind…

But after writing pretty much all day, I’m closer to catching up. At the end of the day, I’ve written 5K. Still need to write more and, frankly, a lot of what I’m writing now will be cut later. The book should ideally span a married couple’s lifetime together but I don’t think it can. It’s probably easier to do this in scenes, though, than any of my fantasy novels have ever been. I did do a little research and I’m filling out various family members (Kate has three brothers and two sisters; she’s the oldest girl. Ben is the oldest son from his father’s second wife; he has two older half-brothers and a younger full sister.) I’ve decided that Ben and Kate are infertile; they may adopt (though his younger sister may get in the family way from an absent fiancé and they might work out something that way).

I’m still wavering on the timeline, though the 1890s are nearly set in stone. It’s a matter of figuring out what a town in California’s most fertile areas would look like then, what kind of stores and how a bank would work in a small town.

Back to writing tomorrow. Right now, it’s time to knit!