I am behind.

It’s obvious from the widget on the homepage but I’m averaging about 1K words per day. Being home is part of the problem, I know. I look around and see how much housework needs to be done. Another part is my inner editor. She just won’t let me write without making corrections. The only time I can put her in a box is when I’m at a write-in and when she’s in the box, my typing is horrible!

Still, the story is moving along. I just wrote a foreplay scene between my main characters, a mail-order bride and her husband. I’m not sure I’ll go any further with it and it might get cut entirely. It just seems a bit too much for me to go past the “fade to black” that I’m used to. (And as I’m thinking about this, the rest of the scene comes to mind… yikes!)

Payday is tomorrow and I intend to put some money on my Starbucks and Dunkin’s cards so I can drag myself away during the day to write. It may be the only way I can catch up.