The perils of November.

I’m wearing these “recovery gloves” (seriously, that’s what the manufacturer calls them) because my fingers and knuckles are screaming for relief. Not only am I typing my NaNo novel up, but I just finished a 6-foot long knitted scarf I made for a Christmas gift. (My first ever! Go me!) I expect to have a lot more pain as November rolls by because the people I love are getting mostly handmade crafts for Christmas. I also expect I’ll be taking ibuprofen nightly as well just to deal with the issue.

Is this how arthritis starts? Is this how it feels? Lord have mercy, I might have to fire up the old Dragon speech-to-text program and use that for NaNo just to spare my fingers! Yikes!

By the way, the new story’s title is The Work of Love. Still deciding where and when this happens, though I’m leaning toward California, well after the Gold Rush. And that guy in the previous post? He now has a name: the Right Honorable Ezekiel P. Harris.