I’m a Hugo Award winner… sort of…

Just found out today that An Archive of Our Own (or AO3 for short) has won a Hugo Award for “Best Related Work”. Yes, the entire site won! And since I post there, I share in the award! I would love a little lapel pin reproduction of the Hugo Award rocket to commemorate the win.

In other news, writing has been slow to non-existent lately. I’m not sure why; I’m still getting ideas but I’m having trouble putting my butt in the seat and my fingers on the keyboard. When I do sit down to write something–like this post–I’m fat-fingering the keys a lot. Since I’m such a perfectionist when it comes to my spelling, etc., I go back and correct at the time it happens, not later. That slows me down immensely. Add cats walking across my keyboard or sitting on my mouse, the lure of the Internet, housework, picking up Son #2 from work, and the financial reality of really needing a job, and writing is way, way down on the priority list. Makes me sad and angry at myself, too.

Did get an interesting review at AO3 for The White Winds. Since only 15 chapters are posted there, the reviewer had to go over to fanfiction.net for the rest. I guess that should be the first thing I clean up and finish posting here, then at AO3.

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